2008 Bowtech General (Archery) - $480

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    Sep 5, 2008
    $480 WANTED.

    2008 Bowtech General compound bow for sale. Realtree Hardwoods Green camo. 50-60 lb. draw weight and 27.5" draw modules (others are available @ Bowtech dealers). Bow comes with a rear-mount STS string stop, original string stop, Original QS Whisker Biscuit, 1/4" G5 Meta peep, small SVL Limbsavers on limb ends, SVL Limbsaver pad on front of grip, custom Bowtech 1-piece laminated wood grip, and a extra main string (no extra cables). Bow was purchased in September of 2008, and used until January of 2009. Like new condition, great deal. Original price was $749 for stripped bow. Only accessories needed are a sight and quiver (if wanted). About $950 was put into bow and accessories when new, not including tax. Any other info available on request. Owner's manual included. I will ship, $15 for shipping. Would require a money order or personal check.
    PM for pics or other info.

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