2007 Idaho Long Range Hunts

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  1. Shawn Carlock

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    Jun 11, 2007
    Idaho Whitetail Adventures would like to welcome you to a unique opportunity blending long range shooting instruction and quality long range whitetail hunting in one trip. IWA has created this opportunity for the beginning as well as the expert long range shooter. This 5 day package will be a 1/2 day clinic for long range shooting and a 4 ½ day long range whitetail hunt.

    1/2 day LR clinic – the LRC (long range clinic) is a 1/2 day format to confirm zero, teach long range shooting techniques to the beginning shooters and extend the range of the experts. This will also be the time for the hunters to meet their guide and develop a language between them about talking each other in to spotted game, calling and adjusting spotted shots at game, learning the hunters’ equipment and capabilities, and calling conditions and condition corrections. During the clinic, subjects specific to the hunting area will be covered, specific conditions, animal patterns, etc.

    41/2 day LR Whitetail hunt – with the clinic completed the hunters will start their 4 1/2 day hunt. We have the abilities to fine tune hunts for all skill level of hunters. Most hunting will be done from static ambush positions, available to the hunter are rugged field positions to comfortable blind setups specifically for LR hunting. We will try to accommodate the hunters’ expectations, in that we can setup to hunt for a certain class of animal or a certain class of shot. Expect to see 130-150 class animals with a possibility of an absolute jaw dropper. While most blind locations are closely accessed by ATV some will require a short hike. If you are shooting a heavy rifle, sandbags, etc. you will be limited to the drive to blinds. If your setup is reasonably portable it will give you greater flexibility in your hunting adventure. You will be provided a guide that has long range experience and will assist you in spotting animals, judging trophy quality, ranging the animal, estimating conditions, spotting and calling your hits, recovering the animal, care of the animal after recovered, and giving you a high 5 when you nail the big one.

    Accommodations – are bunkhouse style, shower, refrigerator, microwave, coffee, etc. Meals are hot served breakfast, pack lunch, and a hot man sized dinner. Transportation is provided from Lewiston Id. Airport and during all hunting activities. If you have special needs or medical conditions, please make arrangements with us.

    Packages – 1x1 hunts are 3000.00
    2x1 hunts are 2600.00 per hunter
    Package price includes almost all activities from pickup at the airport to drop off at the airport except, special shipping of the trophy parts, cape, meat, etc., consumable hunting products, ammo etc.
    Deposits are in the amount of 1000.00 per person. Those deposits are payable to IDAHO WHITETAIL ADVENTURES, C/O SHAWN CARLOCK, 15670 N RANCH VALLEY RD., RATHDRUM ID. 83858. When a deposit is received it will lock down a hunting date for you.

    Things to know or do in preparation for your hunt:
    · Temps will vary a bit, from 65 to 0 be prepared for any weather, more important be prepared to stay at one location for a period of time in any weather.
    · Of the many things we can control, the weather is not one of them in the event of poor conditions have a second rifle of a packable weight for greater flexibility.
    · Have your shooting equipment in top order, have it zeroed and ready to go. The clinic and hunt are for beginners and experts but not the totally unprepared.
    · Bring 100 + rounds for the clinic and additional for the hunt. Note: error on the side of too much.
    · You will spend a lot of time glassing, if you do not have a quality set of binoculars you will have a much better experience if you get some.
    · If you have a scope with target knobs, be sure it is repeatable. Perform a square test and variable selector test before you come. I would hate to see a hunting experience compromised by equipment. If you have questions about your equipment or how to test it, contact me.
    · Be sure to bring a gun of adequate horsepower. If you have questions on this contact me.
    · Bring what you want to stabilize your rifle, bipod, sandbag, etc.
    · There is a gun weight limit in Idaho, it is 16 LBS field ready.
    · If you want video of your hunt, bring a video cam and we will do our best to accommodate you.
    · If you have questions be sure to ask and be sure to ask early.

    Hope to see you in our neck of the woods.

    To check on available dates contact me at:
    gunsmith@defensiveedge.net Or 1-208-651-1131
  2. Fiftydriver

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    Jun 12, 2004
    I can endores this hunt 100%!!! Went with Shawn last fall and had a hell of a time. Weather was the pits and not many deer were moving but Shawn got me set up with the chance to shoot several quality mature bucks inspite of the bad weather for hunting.

    I will book another of these hunts but this year I am heading up to play in Canada again.

    Anyone looking for a challanging hunt, its not as easy as you may think, mentally or physically, this is a hell of a hunt with great guides!!! Beautiful country with the chance to take a very good buck.

    Again, its a hell of a time and well worth the money in my experience!!!

    We will hunt together again Shawn, just have to get to next year!!

    Kirby Allen(50)

  3. Shawn Carlock

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    Jun 11, 2007
    It was a pleasure having you up Kirby. Half of the fun with IWA hunts is listening to Travis tell stories and watching the video of him shaking a bobcat out of a tree.