2 Turkeys,4 Beavers, 2 coyote, and an Armadillo

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    Mar 9, 2011
    Not a bad couple of weeks. Got two turkeys the first week of the season with the 10g flintlock, up at my cabin. Came back home and had a few beavers daming up the creek down at the farm. I got up early one morning grabbed the mini 14 and went down to the creek. Saw two beavers, The banks are 20 foot tall that makes it easy to shoot down on them. I shot one, but the other one made it to the bank den. When back that evening and shot the other one. I broke the dam went back two morning later and shot two more plus an armadilo crossing the field. I took the beavers and put them out for coyote bait. I when back yesterday evening with my 22 K Hornet and got in my deer stand. I made a coyote howl and started scanning the field, I saw him at 400 yards. I made a few fawn bleats and he started coming. He stopped at 100 yards, then 75yds. then the good part, he stopped at 50 yards and lifted his leg to pee on a corn stalk. I let him have the 40g hp and I guess you can say. it knocked the piss out of him LOL. [​IMG] [​IMG] I wish I had that on flim.

    When your hot your hot. I went out this evening and when I got in the tree stand I had 2 doe come across the field in front of me about 50 yards and they turned and went to the far end of the field 400 yards where 4 more deer were feeding. I waited till 7:30 then I did a few coyote howls and they went into the woods. 5 minutes later I did a fawn bleat and I saw a coyote come out in the field at the 250yard mark. It was hopping? or limping. It stopped and sat down. I called again and it layed down. The field is a cutover cornfield and the stalks are around knee high and I could just see it's head. I tried to call it in closer but she would not move. It was getting late so I got down out of the deer stand and stayed low and got with in 200 yards and she sat up. I sat down and put the cross hairs on her throat and the mini 14 sent a 75 Amax down range. I could see red mist and dust fly. When I went over to her I could see why she was limping. She only had 3 legs.

    The first one I shot with the K hornet,
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