2 dogs, 10 rabbits, 1 crow

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    Mar 23, 2005
    Finally got to hunt coyotes this weekend. While driving to our first stand we spotted a carcass way out in a field. We pulled over to check it out , and immediately spotted two coyotes. We quickly bailed out. I set up for a shot and my partner tried to get a range. The dogs were on an open field of snow. So, the best we could do was range a nearby haystack at 730 yards. The dogs were walking away. I estimated they were another 70 yards past the haystack, and dialed for 800.

    After a quick squeal on the distress call the dogs stopped for a look back. I recovered my sight picture in time to see the coyote knocked to the ground! As I tried to get on the second dog, my partner shot. Looking up, there seemed to be coyotes running everywhere. Later, we figured there were at least six dogs in the field.

    One of the coyotes ran toward us in his confusion. The third blow on the call finally stopped him at 300ish and my partner pounded him with his 300 ultra mag. I am now convinced the 300 ultra is enough gun for coyotes!

    We made a half dozen stands without calling in a dog, then started shooting rabits. We spotted a rabit on the side of the road and my partner got out to shoot it. I climbed up in the bed for a bit of elevation. Pretty soon rabits started crossing the road. I had splashed three of them from 3-400 yards in less than five minutes. My partner came back and climbed up with me. For the next half hour we took turns spreading crow bait.

    Finally, we had to head for home. Driving out we spotted a dead horse and a bunch of crows. We pulled over after a bit and turned around. I set up and my partner got on the rangefinder. Eventually a crow landed and I got a range of 342. SPLAT!

    Sadly, we only had our cell phones to take pics with. Mabey I can get 'em on here. But, they aren't very good.
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    Feb 17, 2005
    a .300rum on a yote @ 300? Wish you had a pic of the aftermath, lol.