2 choices sps tac and savage 10pc.. getting a new one but oh the decisions

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    Aug 18, 2009
    So as the title states i'm gonna get a new rifle. long story short, drunk hit me at a red light and now i have some money come. so what better way to recover than with a new rifle, right?! gun)

    So i've got the large calibers covered already. i want to get a .223 this time, ammo is less expensive its a pleasure to shoot and i can go out and have a good day of shootin without havin to rob a bank to buy ammo.

    I've narrowed it down to 2 choices. the remington sps tactical and the savage 10 precision carbine.

    Now i've had my hands on and shot the sps several times a buddy has one in 308 and its a sweet rifle. but the savage on the other hang i havent even laid eyes on one.

    i found a guy thats selling his savage for $575 with only about 50rds thru it. i'm seriously considering gettin it. but at the same time i can go buy a brand new rem for $550 so you can see the predicament i'm in... but to me a gun that looks good doesnt mean anything if it dont perform and thats one thing i've found in review that i've read about it is that for a heavy barrel rifle its doesnt exactly impress in the accuracy department.

    so who out there has had any dealings with the savage?
    or better yet has both the remington and savage and has compared them.
  2. Outlaw6.0

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    Feb 18, 2010
    I have 3 Rem 700's, 2 Savage 12's & 2 Savage 110's, they all have their pro's and cons. The Savage will probably shoot better out of the box, I think compared factory to factory, the Savage trigger is better. The aftermarket capabilities of the two is similar, with the Rem having a few more options. I will say that the stock on the SPS is of poor quality & should be replaced if you intend to get the best accuracy from that particular rifle. Neither one will be a bad choice, bang for the buck, from what your options are, I recommend the Savage.

  3. Trickymissfit

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    Jun 11, 2010
    You said .223, and that's kinda important here. The Savage comes with a 1:9 twist barrel, and last time I heard Remingtons use a 1:14 twist barrel. Kinda rules out all those high B/C bullets and most stuff in the 55 grain class as well. Both can be made into fine shooting rigs, but the Savage is easier, and will come in cheaper in the long run. Myself, I'd look for a 12BVSS-S single shot gun. The Savage stock works much better off the bench than the Remington, but even then it needs some work. Off hand I think the Remington is a better handeling stock.

    I shoot a 700VS in .223, and had to virtually rebuild the complete gun to get it to shoot sub half inch groups. I like the rifle, but would never ever do that again. The Savage is capable of sub half inch groups right out of the box!