1x fired (and a few 2x) 30-06 brass

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    Dec 29, 2010
    I've got some mostly 1x fired 30-06 brass I'd like to sell. I was keeping this for myself but realized I have more than enough prepped brass and ammo than I'll ever shoot. It consists of:

    R-P: 450 pcs (418 pcs 1x, 32 pcs 2x)
    WW: 39 pcs 1x
    Norma: 38 pcs 1x
    Hornady: 26 pcs 1x
    FC: 75 pcs (57 pcs 1x, 18 pcs 2x)
    Misc: 28 pcs 1x
    656 pcs total but let's call it 650 pcs in case a couple of bad ones got by me. I'd like to get $135.00 shipped for the unprepped lot

    FC: 138 pcs
    Military: 109 pcs (LC, HXP,etc)
    Frontier: 47 pcs
    R-P: 43 pcs
    NNY: 35 pcs
    Hornady: 26 pcs
    misc: 10 pcs
    408 total but a couple have damaged rims from tight chambers or something so let's say 400 pcs. $120.00 shipped for the prepped lot.

    The prepped brass has been washed in citric acid/vinegar, tumbled for 2 hours+ in treated walnut, resized/deprimed, trimmed to length, primer pocket cleaned (and primer crimp swaged when necessary on a dillon super swage), then retumbled another 2 hours. The prepped brass had been primed for my own use but I deprimed them to save on shipping cost (the closest UPS site I can ship from is over 60 miles away -1 way).

    I also have 204 pcs unprepped Military (mostly LC and WCC) and 21 blank pcs that I'd like $35.00 shipped for.

    Or take it all for $270.00 shipped.

    I've been having trouble with PayPal so I'm requesting a USPS MO for payment. Please post an "I'll take it" and send me a PM if interested.

    Also posted on huntingnet.com.


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