1st woman president

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    Jun 7, 2004
    In 2024 a woman is elected president. She's from Texas, and her elderly parents still live there. She calls her dad about coming to her inauguration, but he tells her that her mother isn't up to the trip, his knees hurt all the time, it'll be too fancy, her mother has nothing to wear to such an event, the food will be too rich for them, they couldn't make the drive or the flight, and on and on......

    She assures him that she can arrange for their transportation on a chartered plane, with limousines door to door, a suitable designer dress from a fashion house for her mother, specially catered food for him, and a solution for every other problem they might have. He finally agrees.
    Sitting in the front row at the ceremony, he recognizes a long-time senator, leans over and whispers, "The young woman about to be sworn in as President of The United States is my daughter! The Senator says, you must be very proud.... I am, her brother played football at the University of Texas!
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    Who is she? I never heard of this fact???