1st impressions of the LoadBase 2.0 ballistic program

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    Aug 10, 2003
    First impression, wow it’s got a ton of great features. I’ve never been one for reading a manual, so I just jump in with both feet and figure things out. So far it’s pretty straight forward.

    For users that are going to use this program without taking velocity measurements and only using the published G1 BC’s, your results will not be as accurate as they would if you have the velocity measurementts. If you take the time to get your four velocity measurements you should do very well with this program.

    I ran your program against my exact 1000 yard range data for my .308 which I had 10-shot average velocities out to 400 yards. My exact field results are 39.5 moa at 1000 yards. Using the Loadbase 2.0 with the exact same input results in addition to the calculated retardation coefficient (coefficient drag) the program gave me 38.2 moa. So were off about a foot or so at 1000 yards which isn’t bad. I can hear the grumbling now but stay with me…I’m really liking the program.

    I spent too many hours on Thursday night with my scientific calculator trying to figure out the calculations and algorithms Gus used to create this program.I wanted to see how he was calculating the drag curve verses how Dr. Pejsa calculated it who Gus based his program off of. I’ve almost got it figured out.

    I’ve figured out the coefficient drag input can be used as the fudge factor portion of the program to tweak your results. The coefficient drag is very susceptible to even the slightest velocity change. If you’re gonna spend the time to get velocity measurements which I highly recommend, you’ll need good average velocities on your shot strings. This is not hard work and is all part of the fun of shooting, it’s also educational and will help you nail your results at long ranges.

    By changing only my 100 yard velocity by 1 fps it has an adverse effect on the coefficient drag number, but with small changes to your overall output results. When I took off 5 fps on only my 100 yard velocity measurement the output results change to 39.4 moa which matched my actual results perfectly, but the coefficient drag was almost cut in half… Interesting!

    I then changed the barometric pressure and temperature to match the shooting I was doing at 8000’ in Colorado and compared the results to my exact field data to 750 yards. The program again was very accurate and matched my results within 2” at 750 yards. Good stuff huh!

    If you know what your actual 1000 yard or what ever range results are, you take the time to get accurate velocity measurements, you can easily tweak the coefficient drag input to nail your actual results. Once you have these parameters the program then track very accurately to different field conditions like I mentioned above.

    I had a couple email exchanges with Gus yesterday and he answered most of my questions. Great guy and he’s very knowledgeable. My results and the way I went about getting them didn’t surprise him and he agreed with my approach. Mind you this is only my first attempt at figuring out all the program will do…but I’m liking it already.

    I’ll be heading the range on tomorrow (hopefully) to work out the velocities for a couple other rifles and see what I get from the program.

    BTW, I love the reticle feature. On my Model 70 featherweight in 300 WSM I use the Burris ballistic plex reticle in my Burris Short Mag scope. I was thrilled to see it in the program. This feature will be most helpful! The best part so far is there are so many features I have yet to even tinker with.

    I'd like to hear ya’ll results and how the program is working out for you.
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    Mar 20, 2004

    Hi Jeff,

    You are light years ahead of me. I'm still waiting to get an order of ammo for my new 7mm STW.

    And some other equipment before I can start doing some serious chrono time at the range. Even then it'll be preliminary work up instead permanently.

    Was looking around for brass and ammo man is that stuff expensive for the big boy. Finally decided to buy a 100 rounds of Federal Premium Midway has it on sale half off instead of 36 something I got it for 18 something.

    Brass alone for this cal. is 45 something for 100 rounds so I feel blessed to get 100 rounds for around 105 bucks shipped.

    I'll get to use the program a lot before next year I hope. Thanks for all of your info keep up the good work by letting us in on what you find out!

    Chuck :D