1st ever bow kill!

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    Jul 25, 2005
    I killed my first ever deer with a bow tonight. I've shot Bare Bow(No Sights) archery competition since I was probably 8 years old and hunted some, but never had a decent shot at a deer. Here's the story if you wanna hear it.

    Some background, my folks have a 130 acre farm just off the Ohio river in northern Kentucky. We have some nice deer on the farm. I've taken one 160" and one 140" off the same 1/2 mile long ridge with my rifle. The ridge is flanked by hard woods on both sides and usually has winter wheat sewed after we cut and house tobacco. Unfortunately we had to quit raising tobacco a last year as the Gov't price support system stopped a few years back. That's another story. This year the ridge was barren of high quality foods other than grass hay and one small patch of millet, as well as the nuts in the hardwoods. I just got my bow out last Sunday and shot about 50 practice rounds and decided I was good to hunt with a little more practice. This afternoon I got out to the farm after watching my Kentucky Wildcats get beat by the damn gun)S.C. Cocks! Anyway I practice shooting about 70 shots ranging from 20-60 yds. Decided I was spot on and ready to go.

    I decided to hunt over the small millet plot(1/10 acre) in a fixed metal stand. About 100 yards away there are usually a few does and small bucks feeding on the top of the ridge right before dark. These were my quarry for the evening. Well I climb into the stand about 5pm and settle in. I get my calls, quiver, etc. situated. Get an arrow nocked and take some ranges. I sit there for about 30 mins and start to feel dizzy and can't catch my breath. I decide that since I have had recent high blood pressure and a heart arythmia that perhaps my hunting time would be better spent on the ground for the next couple weeks. So I gather all my stuff back up and lower it down. Climb out of the stand and formulate my stalk to get over to the deer I expect to be in the field shortly. I stalk my way around the edge of the woods until I'm about 60-80 yards from where I think the deer will feed. Luckily we lost a round bale of hay that rolled into the edge of the woods. I hunkered down here with the wind in my face and down wind of where the deer should be. Feeling pretty good about my situation I lean against the hay bale and get as comfy as I could. I take a few ranges to get my bearings and feel good about shooting 45 yds or so either way. Well sunset was at 7:00pm on the dot. I decided I would give it until 20 after or so and then stalk up to the ridge to see if anything is on the other side that I can't see. Well 20 after I see nothing and decide to stalk up on top of the ridge slowly and methodically. I get all the way to the crest of the ridge, dry leaves a poppin, and see nothing where I thought they would be. Then look back down wind of me and see a deer skylined on the ridge about 100yds out. I range it with my Leica's and try to determine if it's a buck or doe. Unfortunately the light was too dim to tell. I was wanting to kill a doe any way so I didn't have a problem if it came closer. Then I turn back around to the S.E.(upwind) and see three does exactly where I expected them to be. Well as soon as I saw them, they saw me. Two of them spooked back into the woods but one stayed. I ranged her at 55 yds. I'm trying to get my pins set on her but the almost full moon is right behind her and I can't get her in my sights. She spooks about 5 seconds later. None of them blew by the way. So I turn around to see if the other deer is still down wind of me. Sure enough it is. It has now seen me and can't figure out what the hell's going on. I range it again at 80 yards. Can't take that shot toooo long. The deer starts getting really spooky now but instead of running away it starts quartering to me heading for the woods. It gets about 10 yards from the woods and stops. Range..... 62 yds..... Range......63 yds. I know for sixty yards I hold about 8" high of my longest pin. I pull the bow up....the deer turns the other way to run back across the ridge giving me just enough time to draw, hold about 12" high of it's vitals and ssssssssssssssssssssPLUNK!!!! The deer runs back across the ridge and PILES UP after about 60 yds!!!! I'm freakin ecstatic. My first ever bow kill and it's a dead ringer at 62 yds and the deer crashes just yards away right in the middle of the field! Well I decide to head back up to my barn call my buddy and crack open an ice cold Miller High Life (The champagne of Beers by the way!). I couldn't think of a better outcome for my first bow kill. I give the deer about an hour and head out on the tractor. Pull up and find a nice mature doe. Recall I released just as she was finishing turning and stuck the Grim Reaper right in the front of her chest. The arrow penetrated about 14" right into her heart and lungs! I get her loaded up in the tractor bucket and head back to the ole baccer barn to get her cleaned up. My buddy shows up helps me get her hung, gutted and get the meat deboned. We had a few beers, shared a few laughs and made some memories. What a great evening.

    Hope you enjoyed my little slice of heaven for the evening. I know I sure did, and I enjoyed sharing it with all you guys!
  2. tsmiller4

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    Jul 25, 2005
    Forgot, if your interested.


    10 year old Bear: Bruin Quad 29", 60#
    Carbon Express Arrows
    100gr Grim Reaper Razor Tip mechanical
    Factory Sights
    Whisker Biscuit Original Rest
    15 year old Cobra release

    Nothin high dollar or fancy, other than the Reapers. Just goes to show you don't have to have a $700 bow with $500 of accessories to shoot a deer. Although I would like to have a $700 bow and $500 in accessories, lol. I think my wife would enjoy that statement. Oops I don't think I'll tell her. She might make me return my new LSR that's on the way!

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    Dec 8, 2007
    Great story and thanks for sharing it;)

    Congrates on you first Archery Harvest

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    Jul 1, 2002
    Well now your hooked , theirs nothing like killing a deer with a bow and 60+ yds is a good poke for a stick and string.

    This is a good example that you don't need $1500 set shooting 350fps to kill deer.
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    Aug 29, 2008
    Congrats TS. I have yet to kill anything with my bow yet.

    Like you, I started out shooting with a bare bow. Mine was more out of ignorance than anything. I was never told a bow needed sights. Dad had only shot a recurve in his youth and the Indians on TV never had sights. So I learned to shot my pearson bow like a recurve. It worked for me. Albeit the draw was 3'' to long, the pull was 20 lbs to heavy,and my anchor point was my ear. I was 14, full of myself, and it was my first bow, so I made it work. . I'm sure it was sight to behold, for anyone who had any knowledge about shooting a bow. Ahh the good ol days... Btw I could take the 3'' indention out on the side of a milk jug at 60 yard with that bow and an arrow tipped with a judo point, lol

    Again, Congrats on your first successful bow hunt !!
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    Nov 15, 2004
    Congrats on the bow kill!!!

    i used to hunt archery for a long time, recently not so much but i wanna get back into it. bowhunting offers alot of unique rewards and you should feel very happy about your success