1987 Honda XR600R Project

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    Dec 26, 2009
    I recently acquired an 87 XR600R that is a project bike. I am no small engine mechanic so I am going to have the motor and carbs gone through and rebuilt. You may be wondering why spend the money on an old heavy XR. I have had these things my whole Life. I started out on an XR80 then up to a XR100 then a XR500 and my whole family has had them (grandpa uncles cousins etc..) so its kind of a nostalgia thing I guess. I love the sound and the low end torque and the look of them. The one I got isnt honda red its the white one. But I am going to strip it down and change the color and buy new Plastics. I am going to gear it a little lower than stock and probably make it sort of a dual sport so that I can ride to where I want to go ride and dont always have to haul it.. Probably upgrade the suspension a little bit and call it good. Here it is as it sits in my garage right now. I will be taking it to the engine mechanic in the next week or 2 to get that part of the project under way. It should be ready to go by spring time.