190gr SMK in .300Wby

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    Dec 16, 2004
    This is my experience with 190SMK bullets,

    I just purchased some new Hornady made .300Wby brass and some 190gr Seirra Match King bullets.

    I thought I would load some up and see if the accuracy could be improved on my standard load of Reloder22 - 84.5gr coupled with a 200gr Accubond which gives me an average of .75 groups at 100yds.

    Fired the first round and when I opened the bolt, the primer was not in the primer pocket but somewhere in the action. It way enlarged the primer pocket and the spent primer just fell out.

    At first I thought, boy this Hornady brass is some cheap [censored]. Not sure if it was a freak thing or what, I fired another round and had the same thing happen. I stopped shooting and went home.

    I shoot .200gr Accubonds in Norma brass with this same poweder charge all day and no problems.

    I pulled the bullets on the remaining cases to see if I accidentally added too much poweder. Nope, it was 84.5gr, right on.

    I then measured the diameter of the 190 SMK = .308.
    I measured the 200gr AB = .307.

    I have not tried the 190SMK's with the Norma brass yet, but I think I found my problem. The larger diameter of the SMK bullets can definately increase pressure, a lot!

    This is just for everybody's info.

    By the way, is it possible to permanantely damage your action or barrel by shooting such a hot load 2 or 3 times?

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