17 Enfield action and Douglas Premium barrel

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    May 20, 2007
    I was wondering if any members have had any experience with either of these.

    I know that A-Square used the P-17 action in their Hannibal bolt action rifles, but don't know what kind of accuracy was obtained. The Hannibal was chambered in some pretty potent calibers so I have no doubt that the action is strong enough for a 338-378 or a 338 Lapua.

    About the only problem that I see is the lack of accessories and the cock on closing feature. I know there are speedlock kits availabe from Dayton Traister and Gun Parts Corp. to convert the bolt to cock on closing, but presumably no other trigger will work with these other than the Dayton and the standard military trigger respectively, neither of which is very desirable in my opinion.

    Stocks are another area where there is very limited selection available. The only synthetic I am aware of is Bell& Carlson and that is a classic hunting stock.

    So I am interested in feedback on the suitability of the Enfield action for a long range rifle before I put a lot of energy into overcoming these obstacles.

    The other thing is the use of Douglas Preium barrels. I am aware that Hart, Lilja, and a number of others are considered preferable to Douglas. Why is that? I have had several rifles fitted with Douglas barrels and every one was very accurate. Just wondering.

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    Sep 6, 2003

    I have build many a rifle on the P17 and P14 enfields. They are in the same catagory as the 03 springfields, you should true the action or at least lap the lugs. I have a 378 WBY Imp built on one, single shot. They are limited in magazine length, im sure you could rework some bottom metal similar to an ADL type box system.

    I would go the Dayton Traister system, it is by far the best and trigger pull is very good, mine out of the box is 1.5#

    You can get a blank stock from Lone Wolf or Manners and fit the action into it, its not that difficult. They may even inlet for it, drop them an email and ask.

    Douglas barrels are a mid to upper level type barrel, not quite as good as the major barrel makers. First you have to say what you call a good shooter? Sub MOA groups? Sub .5 MOA groups? How easy the barrel cleans or breaks in? In my opinon the top barrel makers take more time in hand lapping and quality control. The Douglas barrels i have used in the past, and that has been a lot of them, all were shooters in the sense they were better than factory barrels i replaced. They have increased the prices and are getting close to that of some of the top makers, if your going to spend 300.00 for a XX Douglas why not put the extra 50.00 or 100.00 and get a top notch barrel. For long range rifle building you have to use the top materials, good straight actions and a solid stock to mount it all into.

    I see no problem with the action as long as it is good and solid, straight and true. Make it into a single shot, you will have a fine rifle. The P17 has the 06 bolt face so you have to do some work with it and the extractor. The P14 has the 303 british bolt face which is good for building the large cases on. Both are controlled feed actions, IE. mauser type claw extractors. The Brits semi copied the Mauser while designing the action just before WW1 broke out, the US made most of the rifles for British. We then made our model, P17, when we entered the war. Just a bit of history.


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    May 8, 2001
    After the war, Remington took the rear sights off of the action and released it as the Remington Model 30... which was made for 20 years. It was available in a basic version, and very expensive versions with beautiful wood and engraving.