168g or 180g berger

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    Nov 11, 2007
    trying to find some info on what bullets to use in my 7rum. it will be used mostly for long range hunting. as of now i have been using 175g matchking at 3500fps and getting 1/2 moa at 400yds. these loads were to see what i could expect from this rifle i just hade built. i would use the mk for hunting because the accuracy is there but i dont think i will get the durability out of the mk that im looking for to hunt elk sized game. i was thinking of the 168 or 180g burger. is their any advatage to the 180 over the 168 if the accuracy is the same for both? and lastly i was going the get one of those huskima scopes and have turrets made thats why i want to find a bullet that i can use for everything. any help would be great.