1500 yard club! Well...kinda.....

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    Jan 16, 2002
    Got back on Friday from this years crop damage hunting trip. Spent three days shooting groundhogs and deer. Total harvest count was 10 deer and about a dozen groundhogs. I'd like to say that I did break into the 1500yd club with one shot...but I did not. The exact distance was 1510yds and it took six rounds....but also took six critters! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif Four shots from the XP-100 .250 Savage Ackley Improved (deer at 272, 278 and 205yds and g-hog at 205yds). Then two shots from the APS XP-100 7mm-270WSM (2 deer at 280yds).

    The other four deer were taken at under 150yds with the .250SAI and several g-hogs were taken with a cheapy NEF .22 Hornet.

    The .250SAI is shooting 100gr SMK's at 2675fps. The little bullets seemed to do a much better job expanding at distances greater than 150yds. Two deer taken at 50 and 80yds had no exit wounds with solid mid-shoulder shots. But beyond 200yds the bullets were leaving 2" exits using the same mid-shoulder shot. On g-hogs the little cartridge was wicked....bang-flop!!

    The last two deer were taken just before dark on day 3. To make him a real believer I uncased the APS gun (162AM at 2825fps). The wind was singing and range was near 300yds. Both deer were facing left with the larger also on the left. I settled in behind the gun, used the Burris BP to get my hold for the range, led 1MOA into the wind and let her rip! Flames barked about 2 feet from the DE brake and the deer dropped. Deer #2 stood just looking as if in unbelief. Worked the XP as fast as I could, reloaded, settled in, same hold and let round #2 fly to the same result. Both rounds were fired in about 8 seconds. The impacts on the deer were in the SAME spot, high shoulder, and the exits were also identical.

    I really wanted to stretch things out a bit but my host was leary about letting me shoot further than 300yds. Sad...but true. After this week though...20+ kills with handguns w/o a miss may have changed his mind.
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    Jun 12, 2007
    Yeee hah !!

    Way to go and get'em Dan .

    I expect the next time your " host " will be more willing to allow or even insistent that you shoot further .