139gr Hornady InterBond

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  1. Wild_Bill

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    Sep 15, 2005
    Hi all we have a customer that we built a Rem 600 Mohawk into a 7mmRemSAUM. We fitted a Rem factory take out barrel. He has had trouble shooting sub 4" groups at 100 yards. I went out today and shot the rifle with 4 ptojectiles Speer120gr sp .78" elevation, Sierra120gr sp .75" elevation, Hornady 139gr interbond 3.5" elevation and sierra 168gr Matchkings molly .28" elevation. all shots fired with new cases CCI250 primers and H4831SC loaded to 2.800" so they fit in the mag.

    Anyone else have issues with the interbonds? the rifle shoots ok with 120gr soft point flat base bullets and awsome with 168gr molly matchkings but total crap with the interbonds any ideas.

    Cheers Bill
  2. saum7

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    Mar 8, 2006
    Yeah had the same problem in my 7mm saum with interbond in 139 Had a 3006 too that didn't like them in 150gr, I did try 139gr sp and 162 amax they shot well just not interbonds


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    Apr 4, 2005