13 pt NZ Red Stag

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    May 19, 2008
    Hi there, thought I would share.

    Just spent the last three days over in the wonderful place called Makapua Station Lake Waikaremoana ways.
    To be honest I fluffed up 2 shots on animals 1 being @ 190 yrds and the other @ 430 yrds. Not a highlight of the trip.

    But this made up for it!!
    We had a lovley stalk on to this guy early morning amongst the fog over open ground, got within 96 yrds and the 708 140 gr Accubond did the rest, hit real hard he went 30 yrds.



    After this with confidence back to full again we went looking for another and spied some hinds at 700 yrds, then a spiker came out and I hunkerd down for the shot behind the Lapua, he grazed,but not stopping for about 150 yrds and the only time he did stop was in front of a bush, his only exposed vitial was his neck, which I decided against, with two more steps and he vanished into bush.

    While glassing to see if this little fella comes out some where a huge stag materialised from the bush edge then disappeared again!

    Right, stalk was on!!

    An hour and a half later with 708 in hand, over open and scrubby ground,the gap was closed to about 40 yrds of where he was last seen, The hinds that were seen earlier spooked in to the bush all was good.

    20 seconds went by to let the hinds calm down, and crash!! a magnicent 16+ pt Stag tore out of the scrub 50 yrds away not knowing we where there, keeping on going he went behind more scrub, and stopped, When I raised my rifle I caught his attention and he was off!

    Through the scope it went deer, tree, deer, tree etc he stopped breifly then headed for thicker bush and disapeared for good!!!!
    What a buzz!! The better man won but I will be back next year.

    In a 48 hr period glassed over 100 free range deer in this special place with shots over 1000 yrds possible, this is no advertising, but good, hard working people need some acknowledgement and the people at Makapua fully deserve it.

    Take it from me if anybody is considering a hunting trip over here with people who are longrange friendly they will get you as far away as you want!!

    All the best
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    Aug 1, 2007
    Nicely done, pity you didn't get to shot one with the 338 Lapua. We're they roaring much? Most people I have spoken to haven't heard a lot of roaring this season. We only heard one roar in 4 days of perfect weather.


  3. 300WSMMAD

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    May 19, 2008
    Hi Stu,

    2 weeks ago apparently it was almost impossible to get to sleep at nite at Makapua, but all is over now.

    Maybe next years roar for the Lapua, who knows!

    Regards 300WSMMAD
  4. Topshot

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    Nov 3, 2008
    Well done mate.
    Nice head.
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    Dec 31, 2006
    Nice stag!