125 ULD / Wyoming Mule Deer & Antelope

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  1. Nomosendero

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    Jan 17, 2005
    Last Friday we returned from a great trip to Wyoming,(with
    some family & friends). Eight of us had 20 tags to fill, which we did. I convinced some to use either my or my brother's Sendero with the Wildcat 125 ULD. These 2 Sendero's were sent to Kirby last summer, He skim bedded, recrowned & Ackley Improved both & Accurized the receiver on mine. They were tempermental but now mine is a consistant .25-.35" performer & my brothers is a .50" shooter. Before this work his gun was a 1.5" gun & Kirby
    told us the chamber was off-centered which he corrected!
    I loaded this bullet with a stout load of RL25 for a velocity of 3,250 FPS. Richard informed me that this bullet
    would be great for this type of hunt, plus any Varmit or
    Target work. Kirby mentioned also that any shot except a
    shoulder shot on a big White Tail or Mule Deer should be
    fine for the cartridge used. This is exactly what we observed!!! Most of the shots were not long range but
    it should give insight as to the capabilities of this bullet.
    We harvested 3 Mule Deer & 6 Antelope with this load. My Son harvested a good Antelope Buck at 260 yards. At the shot the Buck turned to go down the hill & then I saw the
    huge exit wound. He went about 10 yards. His insides were
    jelly! About an hour later, he took his Mulie Doe at about
    the same distance & again the exit was huge & the tissue
    damage was extensive. I had a Buck Antelope tag & a Doe
    Antelope tag. After my son tagged out (his first Western hunt) I saw a bedded Antelope Buck as we started over a hill, I saw it was much better than average for the area
    & I merely raised up & shot him. I prepared for shots out to 500 yards or so, but this one was 80 Yards! Good Bucks are where you find them & I knew that if I let him get up, he would run over that hill & he may not stop until he reached Montana! At the shot he just dropped his head &
    "light's out"! I shot him in the shoulder & the bullet busted his shoulder & junked his vitals & as expected at this range & vel., it did not exit. Big Brother took his 2
    Antelope later that day, 1 at about 275 yards & the other at about 320 yards. The closed one showed extensive damage
    & the other was a small Doe, the bullet went in between the ribs & exited the same way with moderate damage.
    Later that day my friend's daughter, Betsy filled her Mule
    Deer Buck tag. It was a nice Mule Deer Fork Horn, she shot
    it at about 240 yards & it dropped at the shot. The tissue
    damage was extensive along with a busted shoulder. This was
    the end of day 1, Tuesday, Oct. 11.
    The next morning, Big Brother filled his Mule Deer Doe Tag.
    She was facing him a little downhill & he shot her in the
    neck. The bullet busted the spine, traveled down her body
    & exited just in front of her hindquarters!! The Rancher/
    Guide who was with me at this point had no problem with me
    shooting a little further. I spotted a Doe Antelope at just over 400 yards & got into position. I went prone & using my
    Harris bipod & home made rear bag, I let fly. I thought just before my trip that my scope was canted & after getting it straight, it was 1/2" to the right & about 1/2
    lower than I wanted at 100 yards. As it turned out, I hit
    her about 3" to the right & about 2" lower than I wanted,
    but it still impacted at the bottom edge of her heart &
    took out big vessels. She was angled more than I thought
    & the bullet exited, pulling out her guts. She took a couple
    of steps & laid down. Instead of watching her bleed out for
    5-10 minutes, I climbed up the hill & put a .22 slug in her
    head from my pistol. This was a lesson learned. I failed to
    account for the slight sight-in change & if it was 500 yards
    it could have been bad as the change would have been further
    magnified! It will not be happening again. After this, Little Brother filled his Doe Antelope tag at about 250 yards with a bang-flop. So, with this bullet, 4 of the 9
    animals dropped at the shot, the other 5 went down quick, 1
    Mule Deer ran 50-60 yards, which was the most that any animal ran. This bullet works as intended & I want to thank
    Richard for that & Kirby for turning our rifles into precision tools! I have no qualms about shooting Antelope/
    Deer at 500-550 yards with this set-up, Varmits out further
    & target shooting on out further as well. I hope Old Bear
    & others give this bullet a try on long range varmits!
    I did not post last week because I did not know how to post the pictures & I still don't, but I wanted
    to share this info. & provide the pictures when I can.

    Thanks: Rod Smith
  2. Fiftydriver

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    Jun 12, 2004

    Thanks for your report, seems that 125 ULD is building a decent size performance data base in a very short time. May become THE bullet in the 25-06 to 257 Wby class rounds.

    Glad your happy with your rifle. It did shoot very well when I range tested it, well, both of them did really!!

    As you know I am a little sweet on the 1/4 bores, your AI is just a bit more practical them my fire-breathing contraption!!!

    Thanks again and congrats on the hunt!!

    Kirby Allen(50)

  3. bailey1474

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    Dec 7, 2004
    Man, that was alot of killin'!!!!

    Good to see these bullets doing what they're supposed to. I can't wait to plant of those 169.5 .277" Wildcats into a whitetail's shoulder.
  4. brianwinzor

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    Jan 31, 2003
    Rod, Excellent report, and the performance you describe of the 125 ULD, certainly has me looking forward to trying the bullet in my 25/06 AI, when they finally get to "Oz" in about 2 weeks time.

    What barrel length are you using to get 3250 fps with the 125 ULD? My 24 inch barrel achieved 3275- 3300 with the Nosler 115grn BT, and 3,160 with the Wildcat 130 grain BCFBHP, so I assume the velocity for the 125 ULD will be somewhere between those 2 numbers.

    Look forward to hearing any future reports on this bullet in your 25/06AI. Brian.
  5. Nomosendero

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    Jan 17, 2005
    Hello Bryan
    I needed to contact you anyway to let you know that the info
    you posted for me helped alot. I am in reference to the handload data for the 130's a couple of months ago. I went with 59 Gr. of RL25 &amp; CCI Mag primers with Rem. brass.
    The barrel was a 26" Sendero. I say was because Kirby of
    course set it back a little, plus oddly enough, the last
    1/2" of the barrel (muzzle end) had no rifling, so he cut
    that off, I guess I have a 25" or so now. I guess Rem.
    thought I needed a QLA like a TC Muzzleloader. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif
    You asked me about the length of the bullets &amp; I forgot to
    get back with you. My calipers are acting a little wierd, but I get 1.268". I appreciate your help!!
  6. Nomosendero

    Nomosendero Well-Known Member

    Jan 17, 2005
    Yea, it was fast &amp; furious! Actually we finished in the late afternoon &amp; then we grabbed our .22's &amp; shot some
    Jackrabbits! Some of us had been up there several times &amp;
    never took the time to visit the Little Big Horn Battle Site &amp; Mount Rushmore, &amp; we took care of that this time.
    We did those things first &amp; it gave us a chance to get
    used to the temperature. I bet that sounds funny to some
    but when we left here it was in the 90's with high humidity
    &amp; it takes a day or two to get used to it.
    I am anxious to read your report when you take your Whitetail &amp; I hope to take a Soybean fed Whitetail myself.
  7. brianwinzor

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    Jan 31, 2003
    nomosendero, Thanks for the information on 125 ULD bullet length, and your barrel length.

    Based on my testing of the Nosler 115 BT, and the Wildcat 130 BCFBHP, H1000,(AR2217 down here) and Re 25 are the 2 powders I will test with the 125 ULD, and hopefully, one of those two will give good accuracy.

    Look forward to hearing more reports on how your rifle progresses. Brian.