125 NBT for deer update

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  1. Old Coach

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    Jul 6, 2008
    Last year it got info from several hunters here for a load to use for deer in my 308 LTR. I tried the 125NBT and killed 3 does, all bang-flop. Ranges 125-192yds. All pass thru shots.
    Last week I tried he same load on a 190# buck @ 170yds and got different results. Bullet entered breaking a rib, 1" hole and broke a rib on the other side and did't get to the hide. Lungs were complete mush. The buck ran 100yds and fell DRT.
    I also shot a 100# doe @ 100yds and got bang-flop.
    I may go up to the 150NBT and give it a try on larger deer.

  2. RT2506

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    Jan 10, 2008
    One undesired reaction on a deer is not enough evidence to stop using a bullet. I have killed well over 100 deer with the same load using a 117 Sierra in a 25-06 and never had a single deer ever get up off the ground and run off until last year. It was a perfect broad side through the front shoulders shot. The deer dropped in it's tracks but jumped up and took off and ran about 40 yards before going down for the count. I have killed some pretty good size bucks with the 125 Nosler BT in a 308 and a 30X47 HBR and have never had a deer take a single step. If you put that bullet into or have it exit a front shoulder they will go down. If you take heart/lung shots and miss the front shoulder bone for the shock effect, deer will run on you about 50% of the time, and it does not matter what caiber or bullet you are using. At least this has been my experience over the past 40 years and well over 200 kills.
    If that 125 BT destroyed the lungs and made it to the off side to lodge under the hide on the buck you shot then it did it's job. The deer was dead but some of them are just tough and can run a ways with that last amount of will to live.
    By the way, I was having deer run off a bit while using the 150 gr bullet and that is the reason that I tried the 125.

  3. J E Custom

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    Jul 29, 2004
    +1 on that !!!!

    I use a lot of 120gr Ballistic Tips bullets in a 7/08 and have had great results even on 300 pound
    Axis, Ibex and Hogs , and like RT said sometimes they just don't want to go down.

    It may be the Adrenalin already in their system. (I find that alerted animals are harder to
    bring down with a traditional chest shot).