10x42 leica geovids

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    Aug 13, 2007
    i have 4 guns at ssg getting work done or built so I am selling my personal pair of 10x42 leica geovids. these are an exceptional binocular then add in the fact you have a 1300 yard rangefinder built in with no additional weight. just touch the button. they are in good condition. the lenses seem to be in good condition except 1 of the ocular lences has 2 HAIR LINE marks in it. you can not see the marks when useing thm. that is why i have butler creek covers on it, these go with as well as eye cover,origioal box, strap and ,manuals. you will not be disappointed these are high quality optics. you wont have to carry multiple optics and switch back and forth.1775 shipped possible trade for swaro binos.