1000 yards project

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    Feb 27, 2012
    need advice guys. looking to put together 1000 yards rifle but for a budget. have a few things in mind, I want to hear some opinions.
    I'm thinking about savage 6.5x284 norma or in a .308
    a .300 winmag
    7mm mag.
    with the scope i think the Bushnell elite 6500 4.5 30x50. its the most reasonable one. Leupold vx-3 8.5-25x50 gets a bit pricy.not to mention the nightforce 5.5 22x50
    I'm open for all suggestion
    precision is important,dont care too much about over penetration. so let me just say that any where for a complete package between 1500-2000 is the budget.