10 point Deer at 375 Yards

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    Mar 15, 2007
    Sorry I didn't right sooner, but the New Year and all. I was at my Brother in Law's Timber farm in East Texas, a sprawling piece of property around 7000 acres. I got out early, before sunrise, on December 30, 2008. It was in the upper twenties when I left my truck and made the long walk to my blind, a blind we affectionately call "the condo" The condo is a tower blind 60 feet in the air, located on a endless row of High Power lines, exactly 252 yards apart from one another, about a 150 ft tall. The condo is plush with wall to wall carpet, 4 thin windows to shoot from, and a toilet, and a coffee maker. It was swivel desk chairs and gives you miles to see in all directions. On the way in, I dropped 5 buck bombs with vaniila scent as far as I could throw them to all points of the compass.
    I sat in the blind, with a hot cup of coffee, and began to wait. Let me tell you it was freezing up there witha 10-15 mph wind and a crystal clear, blue bird day.
    As usual, I fell asleep in the first 30 minutes I was asleep for about 15 minutes. I awoke,, had another cup of coffee and began to scan the horizon in both directions of the long, line of Electric Towers. I could hear the electricity buzzing through the lines cleary. I sat somewhat patient, and kept scanning and making notes on physical points in the terain to denote yardage.
    After 2.5 hours, I had not seen a thing, this was around 9:35 am the coffee had kicked in and I had to use our plastic toilet. Took care of business, and got buckle up my pants. As I was geeting ready to sit back down, I saw 3 large doe's and 2 younf doe's come out from the north side of the pine thicket.
    Taking my range finder I noted these were split ot from 125 yards to about 250 yards, casually eating under the power lines. I thought about taking the larger doe, we have an allotment to take 70 this season, but really didn't want to mess with it, and suddenly up on the firelane at about 350 yards, Mister buck appeared. I ranged the deer at 365 yards as he began to move away and up hill on the firelane. I looked into my dope sheet attached on my forearm, made the elevation increment change on my Super Sniper 10x, took my Remington 700 308 off safety and took aim at the front of the right side of his rib cage. I steadied my heart rate, adjusted my cheek and sent a 155 AMAX from Black Hills into the side of this magnificent creature and the deer fell, first it's hind quarters, than his front, than on his side. I peered through my scope to make sure the deer was dead. It took two-three deep, long breath's and finally sucumbed to the hit.
    I got out of the blind, walked back to my truck, gathered my geer and drove up the firelane where my deer lay. The bullet had entered between the first and second rib, through the lung and into the heart. There was no exit wound. The deer was 3 1/2 years old and dressed out at a nice 165 lbs. I am having it mounted simply because of the animal maturity, girth, and mass of antlers. the taxidermist said in two years, easily a 12 point, maybe 14 point deer.
    I lazered my range finder back to the "condo" where the deer lie, and it was 375 yards with the East sun right in his eyes

    Pictures to come
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    Nice story and a good shot! Looking forward to the pictures!

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    well done :D lets see the pics