1 in 10 twist and 230 Hybrid?

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  1. Tumbleweed

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    Oct 20, 2007
    My RUM is 1 in 10 twist and pushing the 230 hybrid targets at 2980 with very low ES and SD. After 65 some rounds carefully trying to work up a sub .5 MOA load I can not acheive it. There was some question as to whether my barrel was on the way out but that has been resolved as I shot my original 210VLD load at 300 yards yesterday and printed a 1.15" group. My gunsmith is of the opinion that my 1 in 10 twist is "right on the ragged edge" of being able to stabalize the 230's at the velocity that I'm running at sea level. Berger recommends 10 twist. I'm probably going to order a box of 215 hybrid targets and see if it likes them but I wanted to hear some of your opinions and experiences with the 230's. Thanks
  2. highridge1

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    Jan 24, 2008
    Everything I have heard is that 1-10 twist is fine. I haven't had a chance to try mine yet. Berger says 1-10 twist is good for the 230's

  3. rscott5028

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    Apr 18, 2010
    My nothing special gen I Sendero (1:10") 300 Win Mag consistently shoots under >1" at 100yds. I have yet to work up a load or try it long range.
    But, I think it's stabilizing just fine.
    I'm near Dallas at ~500 ft.

    Perhaps I just got lucky? But, it sounds like yours just doesn't like these bullets for whatever reason. Or, you just haven't hit the right combination.

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