0.5 moa with a 0.177 break barrel!

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    Dec 29, 2010
    To those interested,

    My brother & I had a chance to hone our mil-dot ranging skills yesterday afternoon at 87.306484 yards using two quest 1000 .177 caliber break barrel pellet guns equiped with barska 3-12 glass. the other aspect of the test was to observe the extended range accuracy of two different brands of pellets, the gamo rocket and the crosman premier hollow point.
    The results at close range were promising for both, with the gamo's shooting a little tighter than the crosmans for 20 yard testing. However, when we moved to longer range we dialed 24 MOA up, my high expectations for the gamo rocket quickly faded, the groups had no consistancy whatsoever, with 6-7 moa of vertical. I was pleasantly suprised when we switched to the crosman premiers, with my groups measuring 0.401 in. for 2 shots, and 0.552 in. for 2 shots, while my brother shot a 0.681 in. 3 shot group.
    I'm looking forward to shooting out to 150 yards this summer(edit, I fired a 3 shot group of 0.324 inches at 111.112 yards with Crosman Premier hollow points).
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