Upgraded arrows for TAC 15/15i - Aerobolt II

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6 Firenock brand Aerobolt II arrows for the TAC 15/15i.

Take your TAC Crossbow accuracy to the next level.

Aerobolt II arrows are meticulously built to better than .001" straightness and use a variable spine design where the spine (stiffness) is different in the front of the arrow than the back for less oscillation and more consistent, staighter flight. The 4-fletch Aerovanes are installed with more precision than typical arrows. The weight difference between arrows is extremely small. 

  • Pre-marked for spine index
  • 4-fletched with Aerovanes (2 white, 1 yellow, 1 red)
  • Includes 100 grain Aeropoint fieldpoints - Designed for extremely consistent concentricity and won't loosen up as you shoot
  • Includes nocks that are matched weight to Firenock lighted nocks - Nocks come un-installed in a package including an Extreme Shock End Cap that must be glued into each arrow. 

We have been finding that there is a little less clearance below the arrow vanes on the Elite and Ordnance models than there was on the TAC 15/15i. Since the Aerobolt vanes are a bit wider than the TAC  15 arrows, the Aerobolt vanes make contact with the Elite and Ordnance's cables affecting accuracy. We recommend Aerobolt II's for the TAC 15 and 15i but do not recommend them for the Elite and Ordnance. 


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these arrows are so much more presise than the tac arrows. it tightened my groups big time. i feel way more confident than before.