Trijicon 1911 NovakCutHD NS/YelFrtOtln

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1911 Novak cut HD night sight set- Yellow front outline


- Metal body: Manufactured to fit specific handgun makes and models
- Protective clear coat: Resists powder residue and cleaning solvents to keep color bright for years
- Black rings: To enhance focus on front sight
- Wider U shaped notch
- Large brightly colored front ring: Glow in the dark photo luminescent powder mixed in paint to aid visibility and quicker target acquisition upon room entry
- Angled and serrated surface: To reduce glare
- Glass lamps: Filled with pressurized tritium gas, lamps glow bright at night
- Tritium Phosphor Lamp: Tritium filled glass lamp provides superior illumination that is guaranteed to last at least 12 years


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