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I have used a satellite phone for over 15 years. I have recently switched to the SPOT global phone because it is better in so many ways. Cheaper to buy, better sound clarity, faster data speeds, better minutes plans, more user friendly, uses US incoming number. Spot is just BETTER!

Now my family feels at ease when they see me leave for the boondocks.

         --Len Backus--

P.S. It's June, 2015 and I just got back from a hunt in the mountains. My outfitter Robb Wiley had recently said he thought the SPOT wasn't as good as his Iridium. That comment bothered me a lot since I didn't want to steer the LRH guys wrong. So over a 6 day period his Iridium phone went head-to-head with my SPOT phone. It was no contest and he easily conceded mine was much better in both clarity and connectivity. In fact he ordered a SPOT through me.

Buy your SPOT Phone from us and when you receive it, go to, click "Activate Now" and enter the code from the back of your new phone. Then choose your service plan and activation is immediate. CLICK HERE to view SPOT service plan options. 

  • > 24/7/365 9-1-1 Emergency Response
  • > 10-digit US based phone number
  • > Free long distance to US & Canada
  • > No roaming fees in Home Service Area (US)
  • > Compact and lightweight design
  • > Backlit color display optimized for outdoor daytime viewing
  • > Lighted keypad for easy of use at night
  • > Long-life Lithium-ion battery providing 4 hours of talk time, 36 hours standby
  • > Fast satellite data speeds at 9.6 kpbs (optional data kit required)

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I recently ordered a satellite phone from you to keep in my gear on long outings. Sunday night we (south big horn county search and rescue in Basin Wyoming) got a page out that there was a spot beacon going off emitting 911 signal. so at 10 pm we packed up and headed up to west tensleep. unloaded 4 wheelers and rode to the edge of the wilderness where we hiked in 4 miles to the GPS coordinates given by the SPOT. we found the group and were able to use my phone to call in and get a med evac chopper to come in and get the patient out. This was the first time I have had an actual use for the phone and it worked amazing. Without it we would have had to hike back out and drive to somewhere we could get radio signal or cell service, then hike back in and get the flight crew to the patient. No telling how long it would have taken but the patient was in critical condition and the phone very well may have saved her life. That being said thanks for the awesome product.