"So, You Want To Be A Predator Caller" - Instructional DVD

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"I hunted with Tony 2 years ago and can tell you he is the real deal. Just watching his "decoy dog" is worth the price of admission!" Len Backus

This is not your typical “bang flop” type calling video. Tony sits down and shares information on the Foundation of being a successful predator caller. Mixed in with the instruction, is plenty of fast action calling footage, featuring his dog Gunner and plenty of calling buddies.

Watch as I stalk up to 35 yards from a bedded coyote, as my brother and I stalk up on 10 coyotes with some of the most unbelievable coyote interaction ever caught on film, Gunner decoy coyotes and flat putting them down on recovery, as well as plenty of hard charging called up coyotes, with some doubles and triples are taken.

If you are new to predator calling, this video is designed just for you! We cover topic such as: Scouting Techniques, Land Acquisition, Stand Selection and Setups, Calling Equipment, Rifles and Shotguns, Best Calling Times, Stand Discipline, Hand Calling, Howling, Electronic Callers, Coyote Decoy Dogs, Stalking Coyotes, and much more... This ISN’T your typical calling video!

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