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The Sitka 90% Jacket was designed for the active back-country hunter. The Sitka 90% Jacket takes a light-weight soft shell and adds a micro-fleece lining to provide light insulation while remaining extremely breathable. The Sitka 90% Jacket is extremely durable, weather resistant and flexible with an athletic fit. The 90% Jacket has long been one of Sitka Gear's most popular. 

Sitka completely reimagined the fourth generation 90% Jacket (2014), and in the process invented a new fabric with some incredible properties. This new iteration is three times more wind resistant than its predecessor, evening out heat retention between whisper-still mornings and howling afternoons. With the improved wind resistance, insulating the entire jacket would cause overheating, especially during periods of high exertion. So they developed a body-mapped, microgrid fleece backer that puts insulation only where you need it. The channels formed by the microgrid convectively draw warm, moist air away from the body and out of the jacket – keeping you cool on redline pushes to the next ridgetop.

The 90% Jacket is quite light-weight. I would almost call it a shirt as much as a jacket.

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