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KILO 2400 is same size as KILO 2000 (Shown)

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The Sig Sauer KILO 2400 ABS Laser Rangefinder is not only the fastest, most effective and most accurate rangefinder in its price range on the market today, it also features the most accurate ballistic calculator on the market today built right in. Sig Sauer partnered with the Applied Ballistics team to create the most exciting long range hunting product to hit the market in years. 

The KILO 2400 improves upon the laser ranging capabilities of the most popular rangefinder on the market last year, the buzz-worthy KILO 2000, with a slightly smaller round beam, a matching round reticle and 25% more distance. It also features an extremely fast and effective scan mode. 

CLICK HERE to read a review article on the KILO 2400 Rangefinder.

One of the most innovative features of the KILO 2400 is that after installing the free Sig KILO 2400 ABS app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device you can enter, modify and manage up to 100 ballistic profiles like you would with your favorite Shooter program. Then quickly and easily send up to 4 of them to the KILO 2400 via Bluetooth. Once your ballistic profiles are loaded the rangefinder is a stand alone unit with no need to connect to your phone. But you do have the option to connect via bluetooth and send the rangefinder's readings to the ballistic app and vice versa. The ease of use is a game changer!

Once programmed simply push the button and the KILO 2400 displays range and angle compensated range while measuring temperature, pressure, humidity, density altitude and direction of fire (compass) to calculate and display the most accurate ballistic solution ever available inside a rangefinder. And there is no distance limitation for the ballistics! Displays in MOA or Mil. It does not matter if you are taking a flat 1000 yard shot at home in the summer at 500' above sea level or a steep 450 yard shot at 10,000' in the mountains in late fall, the ballistic solution will be spot on. The KILO 2400 is the first and only rangefinder to calculate Coriolis Effect, Spin Drift and Aerodynamic Jump.

The KILO 2400 also displays a ballistic wind correction based on the preset wind value of your choice (example - 10 mph, 90 degrees). You can also enter the exact wind speed and direction into the Sig KILO 2400 ABS app on your phone or tablet or plug in the included wind meter, hit sync and shoot.

The Sig Sauer KILO 2400 is the smallest, fastest and most accurate system available today to take you from spotting an animal to making the confident one shot kill we all stive for, no matter where you are.


  • AB Ballistics Engine - Most accurate ballistic solver on the market. Trusted by professionals.
  • Gun Profile Management – Build, Edit, and Upload from the App to your device.
  • Multiple Profiles – Store up to 4 profiles on the device. 100 Profiles In App.
  • Ballistic Solution Options - MOA, Mil
  • Ballistic Calibration – Muzzle Velocity and/or BC Calibration ability.
  • Maximum Ballistic Calculation Range - No maximum
  • Custom Drag Models – AB was the first to develop a publically available system/library with Custom Drag Models. More accurate than G1/G7 BCs.
  • G1/G7 Tested Library – Users can choose CDM or G1/G7 when profile building.
  • Aerodynamic Jump, Spin Drift, & Coriolis Effect are all calculated in the system(Embedded sensors adjust for this in real time).
  • Muzzle Velocity Temp-Table – Ability to train for muzzle velocity shift with temperature shift.
  • Free App – Comes with a free app for managing/using the device.
  • LightWave™ DSP Technology – Fastest and longest distance rangefinder engine.
  • Scan Mode with HyperScan™ Technology – Refreshes at 4x per second with RangeLock™.
  • Live Feed from sensors – When connected to the app , the readings on each screen will live update and display in the app.
  • Lumatic™ OLED Display – Automatic brightness adjustment, or custom set brightness level.
  • Customizable Reticle – You can change the look of the reticle by adding/removing parts of the milling grid.
  • Wind Meter Included – WeatherFlow Audio Jack Meter included to get wind speed and direction or input the wind speed and direction manual.
  • Target Mode – First, Last or Best options.
  • AMR Mode – Angle Modified Range (Inclination) can be turned on/off.
  • LOS Mode – Line Of Sight (No Inclination Calculation Adjustment).
  • Target Speed and Direction – Input via the app for calculation into firing solution.
  • Sensor Override ability – You can override the current sensor readings and input your own parameters such as Temp, Pressure, Direction of Fire etc.
  • Performance – 25% Performance Improvement over the Sig Kilo 2000 - Deer (1400 Yards), Trees (1800 Yards), Reflective Steel (2000 Yards+).
  • Compact Form Factor – 4.2in(107mm) Tall x 1.3in(33mm) Wide x 3in(76mm) Tall
  • Housing – Magnesium, Flat Dark Earth, Housing.
  • Lens – 7x25mm monocular with SpectraCoat™ anti-reflective coating.
  • Performance – Deer (1400 Yards), Trees (1800 Yards), Reflective Steel (2000 Yards+).
  • Minimum range approximately 5 yards.
  • Minimum range approximately 5 yards.
  • Field of View (FOV) @ 100 Yards – 35.67 ft.
  • Angular FOV – 6.78 degrees
  • Laser – 905nm
  • Laser Divergence – 1.3 Mils (4.4 MOA) Round.
  • Weight with battery – 7.5oz/215g
  • Exit Pupil – 3.6mm
  • Eye Relief – 15mm
  • Readings: Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Density Altitude, Direction of Fire (Compass), inclination (Vertical Angel to Target), Range.
  • Bluetooth BLE – Android/iOS/PC Compatible. Theoretical Max Range 100Meters(Perfect World).
  • Ballistic solution can be displayed in MOA or Mil 

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I'm just starting to use the Kilo and so far am very pleased with it. Accurate, easy to use and having all the data on the rangefinder makes for the perfect hunting tool.


Got to use mine in CO last week. Programmed it for my 6.5creedmoor and 7RM, with two different loads for each (Hornady gmx and eld-x in each). Almost perfect out to 500 for all 4. At 700 yds I was off, but didn't have a chrony and was using factory est MV, so not surprising. without actual MV, i didnt try to calibrate.

Great RF. Noticeably faster than my Leica 1600, and could go well beyond too. On a bright sunny day, could get rocky/juniper brush mountainside to about 1850 yards. Overcast the next day and I could range same mountainside to 2200 - incredible!

What I like most about this tool is it's a small, lightweight device and incredibly long-range, accurate, fast RF and it gives the ballistic solution based on the actual density altitude and temps.

Mountain hunters who experience significant changes in altitude and weather during a day will really appreciate the simplicity and small size of this device. Don't have to find the DA/temp/angle and input those into my Applied Ballistics app, this just does it.

I didn't use the HUD, but i could see that being very useful on the range. The speed of getting your solution, then dialing, is great for hunters whose targets don't tend to stand still for long.


I would like to give 2 thumbs up to Rob and Mike M at Sig Sauer customer support for their help today.

It turned out my issue had nothing to do with the Sig Kilo unit. My Iphone 6 would not connect completely to the App. I had downloaded the Sig Kilo app before I ever received my range finder. When I received my range finder, my phone would not connect to it. So, I deleted the App and reinstalled a new Sig Kilo App. Still, the App would somehow determine my Range finder serial number but would never show the range finder as connected. Rob at Sig Kilo immediately asked me to do a hard shut down of my Iphone 6 and then restart it. Problem solved and I guess I feel a little dumb now. Nevertheless, I am now syncing, ranging and getting the exact results as my Terrapin and Kestrel 5700; except in a fraction of time.

Thanks Sig Sauer!!!!


Hey guys, I just got my unit and have been pretty impressed so far. Drops match my previous data, and I have had no issues getting it to connect and sync.


I have been out testing my new Sig 2400 with my 270wsm and the 165gr matrix and my 6.5x284 with the 140gr vld Bergers out to 1350 yards. All I can say is it is spot on. I went two different days with a 20 degree temp difference and RH difference of about 15%. It compensated perfectly. I will say that on two occasions ranging non reflective targets @ 1250+- yards it would not range, while my old Bushnell 1600 fusions would. But most of the time it would. Under that 1250 yard mark it ranged 100% of the time, and probably 95% it would range a shrub or a tree out to 1600 yards with no problem. I will continue to get used to it and report back as I do. The one trouble I am having (and it's me I am sure) is changing and syncing my gun profile from one gun to the other. Eventually I get it done but I can't seem to get that smooth and quick.

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