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LRH Rear Shooting Bag

CODE: 1284

This is a great rear bag for the long range shooter. I used the LRH rear shooting bag last fall and I love it! It will lay on its side for a 2" lift, on edge for a 3.75" lift or on end for a 4.75" lift. The bag attaches to your belt or fits in your coat pocket, comes filled with polypropylene, and weighs only 12 ounces (avg).

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Caldwell Deadshot Front Bag - Filled

CODE: 43895


These inexpensive and functional bags continue to set the industry standard for quality and functional shooting bags.

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Body Bag Belt By Flatline Ops

The Body Bag Belt accessory lets you wear the Body Bag By Flatline Ops as a belt or sling for easy transport and quick access. Made in the USA.

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Hooker Nylon Hanging Strap By Flatline Ops

The Hooker accessory with military style nylon strap, velcro and snap hook, allows you to hang any Flatline Ops shooting bag in any environment. Made in the USA.

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