Quiver Package for TAC 15/15i, Elite/Ordnance - PSE 5-arrow X Quiver and Bob Bowers Quiver Mounting Bracket

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We've combined the PSE 5-arrow X Quiver in Black with the Bob Bowers Quiver Mounting Bracket to create a great quiver setup for your TAC 15/15i or Elite/Ordnance. This is an extremely durable and well-built quiver. If you've owned a crossbow you now that you set your bow down on its quiver all the time and sometimes even end up shooting off of it so you don't want to mess around with a cheap, flimsy quiver.

  • Holds 5 oversized TAC arrows firmly.
  • Unique rotating quiver mount system makes on/off easy and quiet.
  • Quiver body and mounting bracket are black brushed aluminum - matches the TAC perfectly. 
  • Package includes quiver and mounting bracket

The Bob Bowers Quiver Bracket mounts to the underside of the TAC 15/15i or Elite/Ordnance with 4 machine screws (included) and its unique angled design allows 5 arrows to be carried without conflicting with hand placement or cocking. Please specify TAC 15/15i or Elite/Ordnance as the screw hole pattern is slightly different.



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I received the quiver bracket as advertised on the site. However, keep in mind that if you have a TAC ORDNANCE, contact the crew at LONG RANGE, just to make sure your getting the right bracket. It looks and mounts the same but the mounting holes are spaced different. After receiving the right bracket with help from the guys I couldn't ask for a better set up. This thing is awesome and puts your bolts exactly were you need them. Many thanks to Long Range Hunting and the crew, you guys just made the favorites tab.


This item was perfect it was exactly what I needed, I could not find it anywhere else on the Internet. Most people were selling flimsy Mickey Mouse setups that made no sense. This is Exactly what you need if you own any TAC 15 systems. Don't be fooled and buy some Chinese POS get American and be proud!