QAD Drop-Away arrow rest for TAC 15/15i, Elite/Ordnance

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We've combined the QAD Ultrarest HDX drop-away arrow rest with a custom TAC 15/15i Mounting Bracket by Archery Unlimited, Inc. in one package. This setup also works with the new TAC Elite and Ordnance Crossbows. 

If you are the archer that demands perfection and top notch equipment, the QAD Ultrarest HDX is the rest for you. With it's reputation as the leading drop-away in the industry it is a piece of equipment you can depend on no matter what the situation.

QAD Ultrarest HDX Features:

  • Total arrow containment even at slow let-down
  • Launcher drops away for total fletching clearance
  • Only drops when bow is fired, not when you let down
  • Advanced Vibration Technology
  • Lock Down Technology guarantees no bounce back
  • Velocity Drop-Away Technology
  • Thumbwheel (with Cord Lock and HD extended Lever)
  • Easily adjust the timing cord with Clamp or Cord Lock
  • Noise reducing laser cut felt and rubber dampeners
  • Break Away Safety Feature
  • Vertical, Horizontal and Overdraw Adjustments
  • Precision CNC Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Delrin components
  • Limited Life Time Warranty

The Archery Unlimited Mounting Bracket is high quality black machined aluminum and comes already attached to the QAD Ultrarest HDX.

Installation is quite simple. CLICK HERE to see a detailed description and installation instructions. Attaching (serving) the rest's timing cord to the bow's cable is required - if you do not feel comfortable doing this, we offer installation for an additional $40.

For those of you who have a TAC 15 or 15i from the very first production year (2009) - the riser portion of your bow is a slightly different shape than for all years since then. In order to install the Archery Unlimited Mounting Bracket onto your riser, you will have to add a 1/8" shim between the bracket and the riser. I have used stacked washers in the past. Once you add the shim, the factory screws will not be long enough. You will need 1 1/8" long screws instead of the 3/4" screws that came with your crossbow. 



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Works well and doesn't tear up fletching. even in the lowest position I'm still a little nock high


while a bit pricy this rest is a marked improvement over the existing rest accuracy is improved and it doesn't tear up the fletching. I can also use 2219 aluminum arrows with helical fletching. fits well and very easy to adjust also used the drill technique for the clamp


Great setup. Dramatically improves the accuracy of the TAC crossbow. Note that the cable connector will not work with the TAC. You will need to have the cord attached to the bow's cables with serving tie or equivalent. Minor inconvenience but other than that its a simple upgrade well worth the money.


This rest is the perfect fit for my new TAC Elite. Despite what the instructions say, I was able to use the cable clamp. All I had to do wS use a micrometer to measure the cable diameter and match up a drill bit .020 smaller. Drilled out one side of the clamp, placed it as close to the string stop as I could without it hittitng. Brought the bow to full draw slowly and watched how the clamp rotated and adjusted the angle of the clamp so as not to interfere with the opposing cable. Beautiful fit. Fantastic shots everytime. The rest assembly is a little pricy but, believe me it is worth every penny. If you dont own one, GET IT!!! If you are giving it a second thought, thats one thought too many. Buy it now!!! You will not regret it. I know I don't;)


QAD added 30 yards to my shoot ability opposed to biscuit


The rest works like it is designed to, with no problem
Fast shipping and great service. KUDO's


In October 2012, I installed and paper tuned the QAD Drop-away rest on my TAC-15, following the instructions provided precisely, with no issues. With my mediocre shooting skills, groups at 30 yards went from 1-1.5" to 0.5-0.75". (to preserve bolts, this was measured by shooting different bullseyes with each bolt and measuring the spread from the center). I couldn't be happier with the precision of this rest.

A year ago, I cut the Picatinny rail on the TAC-15 back to allow for use of 3 vane fletchings with Aerovanes. Using a Bitzenburger fletching jig for precise placement, this fletching method reduced groups from 3-4" at 30 yds to 1.5" even with the _ _ Whisker bisket. Although there were still the occasional flier.

The QAD Drop-away rest combined with the Aerovane fletching makes the TAC-15 truly awesome for both precision and accuracy. I get 400 fps consistently with 100 gr Muzzy broadheads, with no fliers. Thanks LRH!


I had mine installed when I bought my TAC 15i from LRH. It's excellent. I could not be happier.


i am very pleased and satisfied with the drop away rest. the tac 15 is shooting very accurate. and thanks Andy for all the help with my questions.


I installed this rest on my Tac 10i on Sunday morning, going into the second week of archery season. By Sunday evening I was shooting 3 inch group at 70 yrds. Much more accurate than the biscuit. No wandering arrows, no messed up vanes. Very satisfied.