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The TAC Elite crossbow is the improved version of the TAC 15i model which has been wildly successful in the archery hunting world.

We want you to thoroughly enjoy every aspect of shooting and hunting with your new TAC Elite crossbow. We will personally paper tune your TAC Elite crossbow before it leaves our store to ensure that you are able to shoot tiny groups right out of the box. We'll even send you the paper with perfect bullet holes to prove it!

The TAC Elite achieves over 400 fps velocity and shoots a relatively heavy arrow into tiny groups out to 100 yards. Many hunters have reported complete pass throughs on deer at extended ranges. I have experienced this on my own deer kills of 72 and 86 yards. One of my customers had tried 6 crossbows before selecting his TAC 15i. His conclusion was that the TAC was the quietest of the 6.

The Elite integrated model includes its own attached stock and firing mechanism. The Ordnance model does not but it is meant to attach to your own AR15 lower -- in 10 seconds time.

The TAC Elite was improved in several areas that improve durability. We published a review on LRH which discusses the improvements in detail HERE. One other improvement is a built-in level to eliminate shooting errors from inadvertently canting the bow to either side.

There are several design factors that result in the TAC series of crossbow being the most accurate in the world:

  • Rail-less design allows for clean and clear travel of the string and arrow (not bolt)
  • The only crossbow that uses a nocking loop that ensures consistent arrow placement on the string
  • Mil-spec trigger with the option to upgrade to a custom trigger.
  • Integrated cocking mechanism with precision release aid
  • Custom TAC Arrows
  • Picatinny rails that will accept a bi-pod for stable shooting
  • Adjustable stock for a good fit

The TAC Elite package includes 3 arrows, a very nice soft case, a bipod and a 3-9 power scope with 5 hold-over reticle hash marks.

We have sold and serviced more PSE TAC crossbows than any other dealer. We know them inside and out. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. If you ever have a problem with your crossbow call us immediately. We stock any and all parts that could ever be needed to get your crossbow back up and running and back in your hands quickly. We're hunters too so we understand the urgency!  


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my dad and I purchased a tac-15 elite in 2013 and we had to send it in for repairs because the cocking handle broke when we were drawing it back. They fixed the crank inside and we thought the problem was resolved. We took it out to shoot it and we couldn't get it to fire or let down. We zip tied it to our fence overnight and left it there until we can figure out what to do. We were able to let it down and then we went to crank it back again and got it to about 3/4 draw and something happened where drawing mechanism disintegrated and sparks started flying out of the bow and the arrow shot down range and the sled inside the rail flung back and shattered the scope. I saw on the PSE website that they had problems with the locking mechanism and they had a recall where they could make repairs. But I honestly dont trust the crossbow enough to fix it and take it shooting again.


In the words of our own duck commander, i'm happy happy happy. I absoulutely love this crossbow. I've been shopping for several years and its all i thought it would be. The trigger could use an upgrade. its a typical ar trigger. the whisker biscuit is good but no drop away. just got back from shooting the first time at 100 yds. group 2 1/4"and 1/2" from center of aimpoint. And that was not on a bench but off a caldwell field pod out of a groudblind i was checking out. my major, upgrade,so far, is the hawke xb 30. but i put on a 1/2" riser also and moved it further forward and put super high rings to get the whisker biscuit out of the scope picture. have not shot broadheads yet. but it looks like i have the ultimate rig. now in todays shooting session i shot out of the boxblind, groundblind, offhand to 50yds, off the bipod and every thing was great except i spent 1/2 my time hunting the crank. I either need to get a bucket full of cranks or maybe some kind of holster. im way to absent minded to multitask and keep up with the crank. but then i was real excited with my shooting results.


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