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Buy your TAC 15 crossbow from a TAC 15 dealer who personally uses a TAC 15 and will help you optimize your own TAC 15. We sell and service more TAC 15 crossbows than anyone. We know the TAC 15 inside and out. We sell after-market specialized TAC 15 accessories that will bring out the most performance in your TAC 15.

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US SHIPPING ONLY - US export law does not allow us to ship any TAC 15 related products out of the country.
My intent is to offer just about every TAC 15 related product needed to make this a one-stop shopping experience for the TAC 15 owner. -- Len Backus

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HHA Sports Crossbow scopes

CODE: 1329

Tired of the clutter of a multi haired scope? Optimizer X Crossbow Scopes feature a SINGLE HAIR and provide the cleanest sight picture on the market today! These compact 3 x 32 scopes are available in both an illuminated L-4 Hybrid Reticle and a 30/30 Reticle. Optimizer X scopes are ideal for the archer in search of a simple, solid sighting option for their crossbow. Optimizer X Scopes Available on Optimizer Speed Dial Package and Sold Separately.

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Holland Scope Levels for crossbow (U.S. Ship Only)

CODE: 1330

Your shot can be wide by a foot at 100 yards if you cant your bow by 6 degrees from level. Just envision one minute on the face of a clock to realize how little cant that is.

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Quiver Package for TAC 15/15i, Elite/Ordnance - PSE 5-arrow X Quiver and Bob Bowers Quiver Mounting Bracket

CODE: 1502

We've combined the PSE 5-arrow X Quiver in Black with the Bob Bowers Quiver Mounting Bracket to create a great quiver setup for your TAC 15/15i.

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TAC Bipod

CODE: 1333

UTG TL Low-Profile Bi-Pod with Deluxe Pictanny & Swivel Stud Mount.

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PSE TAC 15/15i Maintenance Kit

CODE: 1334

The TAC maintenance kit makes field ready servicing easy. Includes: buss cables, string with loop installed, draw cord and release slide tape. Also included are installation instructions.

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Case For PSE TAC 15/15i or Elite/Ordnance


A must to protect your bow from movements that could alter your scope's zero. This is a soft case with numerous pockets for the PSE TAC 15/15i/10/10i crossbow. The picture is of my own TAC 15i crossbow and setup. The long pocket on the top carries your arrows safely. It is large enough to fit with a large 56mm scope and attached bipod. In the numerous pockets I also carry a sling, and the cocking crank.

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Tac 15/15i, Elite/Ordnance Nocks

CODE: 1336

The TAC nock has been engineered specifically for use with the PSE TAC arrows. The only approved nock for the PSE TAC arrows.

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TAC 15/15i, Elite/Ordnance Vanes (Black or White)

CODE: 1337

These vanes have proven to be the most accurate shooting for TAC 15.

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