PSE TAC 15 Crossbows

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I am the most knowledgeable TAC 15 dealer in  the country and I sell more than anyone else. I use the TAC 15 crossbow for my own hunting and can help you maximize performance of yours.

The PSE TAC 15 features Picatinny rails for mounting scopes and accessories, many great safety features and the only cocking device that allows the bow to be lowered without firing.

TAC 15 crossbows come with 3 free arrows included plus a scope, carry case and bipod. And outstanding service from your dealer -- the LRH Store.


WARNING: PSE TAC arrows are the only approved projectiles for the TAC series of crossbows.



PSE TAC 15 Railless design

PSE TAC 15 D-Loop

TAC 10 Specifications:

Fore Grip

Kinetic Energy: 116-109 ft-lbs (425 grain bolt)

Mass Weight: 6.3 lbs

Mass Weight : 8.7 lbs (with lower receiver, grip and buttstock installed)

Peak Weight: 145 lbs

Rail-less Design

Speed: 350-340 fps (425 grain bolt)


TAC 15 Specifications:

Kinetic Energy: 153-145 ft-lbs (425 grain bolt)

Mass Weight: 6.5 lbs

Mass Weight : 8.9 lbs (with lower receiver, grip and buttstock installed)

Peak Weight: 155 lbs

Speed : 402-392 fps (425 grain bolt)



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I have been involved in archery since 1960 and have owned a number of bows. The TAC 15 provides any archer/hunter a huge advantage. I have to admit that I have never owned or shot another crossbow but I am not certain that would would want to own any other.


By far the best Crossbow on the market nothing even compares to the Tac-15.. It is just as deadly at 90 yard as it is at 30.. shoots a 3" group at 80 yard every day of the week!!! THE DROP AWAY REST IS A MUST HAVE!! Shot 3 Arrows over 100 times and not a single issue with the vanes!!!!