Primus Eta Express Stove

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Primus ETA Express Stove


Environmentally friendly Small, light, and minimal fuel consumption for solo trips The new Eta Express now has an even more effective windscreen that simply clicks onto the stove using powerful magnets. It comes with a 1 liter Eta pot with a heat exchanger, which has been given a completely new design and is now lower. This means that the center of gravity is lower, making it easier for you to cook. The lid of the pot is made from transparent BPA-free plastic with an integrated colander and grip-friendly silicone. The stove, the included BPA-free plastic bowl and a 100 gramme gas cartridge can be packed inside the pot.


- Fast Cooking
- Low fuel consumption
- Lightweight


- Weight: 449 g
- 15.8 oz
- Dimensions: 150 x 100 mm
- 5.9’’ x 3.9’’
- Output: 2600 W
- 8900 BTU/h
- Ignition: Piezoelectric
- Boiling Time: 2:40 min
- Suitable for: 1-2 People
- Burn Time: 85 min on 230 g
- 8.1 oz gas cartridge


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