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onXmaps - Hunt Regional GPS Maps for Garmin is a chip that you install in your Garmin GPS. I've been using them since they first came out years ago to make sure I know whether I'm hunting on public or private land. In fact one of the first times I used it years ago I was hunting in WY on a state piece when I was approached by a stern-faced hunter who asked me if I knew I was hunting on private land. He and his buddies had hunted this land for 6 years with "permission" of a rancher. I calmly pulled out both my paper BLM map and the map on my GPS and proceeded to relate one to the other. After a few minutes of boundary explanation he softened his visage. Now I love never having to look over my shoulder wondering if I have to worry about the game warden giving me a ticket for trespassing...or just having an ugly altercation with a misinformed hunter.

- Len Backus

onXmaps - Hunt Regional GPS Maps show public/private land boundaries in multiple states but not landowner name and not individual private property boundaries.

These multi-state HUNT Regional maps add a color-coded layer that shows land ownership status pre-loaded onto SD/MicroSD card. Combining the HUNT line of products with a Garmin GPS and/or computer (using the free Garmin BaseCamp software) you can easily determine your position in relation to public and private lands, find new access, hunting districts, and much more!

Regional Maps Available: Northwest (ID, OR, WA), Southwest (CA, NV), Rockies North (ID, MT, WY), Rockies South (AZ, CO, NM, UT), Midwest (IA, MN, ND, SD, W), Plains (IA, KS, MO, NE, OK), Great Lakes (IL, IN, MI, OH, PA, WI), South (AR, LA, MS, OK, TX)

HUNT by onXmaps Advantages:
  • Region specific with color coded land ownership status (if you want to know land owner names, check out the HUNT Premium maps)
  • Discover little-known, seldom-hunted public land
  • Navigate confidently around private lands you are not allowed to hunt
  • Easily identify hunting districts and game management units
  • Recognize public and private lands with straightforward color-coded ownership
  • Access roads (hwy, city, back-roads, trails)
  • Discover water (lakes, rivers, creeks, springs)
  • Map your best route with 24K topographical functionality
  • Much more! – every feature you will ever want in the field

  • Take advantage of all the information right on your mapping device! A legend is unnecessary on all digital maps since all the data is easily accessible right on the map.

    GPS Compatibilty:
    • Garmin GPS Device
    • Color-screen
    • Expandable memory

    • HUNT by onxmaps Full Feature List:
      • Region specific
      • Color-coded land ownership data
      • Bureau of Land Management
      • State Land
      • US Forest Service/National Grasslands
      • US Fish & Wildlife
      • Bureau of Indian Affairs
      • DOD - COE - US Gov
      • Local Government
      • National Park Service
      • Timber Company
      • Much more!
      • WMA, WPA, CWMU, etc.
      • Section lines and parcel boundaries
      • Topographic features
      • Parcels within the city
      • City parks, county open space, state parks
      • Roads - city, hwy, county, forest service, back roads & trails
      • Hunting districts, game management units, & wildlife management units
      • Geographic names (cities, creeks, manmade features, etc.)
      • Fishing access sites (Boat ramps)
      • Water data (creeks, rivers, lakes)
      • Trail segments - National Forest trails and many others
      • Section lines and parcel boundary lines
      • Section numbers
      • Lake depth contours
      • Oil and gas well data
      • Walk-in access program lands


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