McMillan HTG (M40A1) Stock

The HTG McMillan stock, aka M40A1 stock, is probably the most popular McMillan hunting stock. My very first McMillan stock was in the HTG (M40A1) model.   -- Len Backus --

McMillan Stock - Quality *** McMillan Stock - Reputation

McMillan Stock - Toughness *** McMillan Stock - Dependability

McMillan Stock - Tactical *** McMillan Stock - Hunting

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McMillan Stock - HTG Surgeon 591 DBM SA Light Tan/Olive/Black


McMillan General Purpose Hunting Rifle Stock Surgeon 591 Short Action without bolt release inlet Inletted For Surgeon Bottom Metal Light... More 

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McMillan Stock - HTG RH Stiller TAC 300 / Predator BDL Long Action Tan


They McMillan HTG stocks are inletted for Stiller Predator actions. Since that is a Remington 700 "clone" the stocks will work... More 

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McMillan Stock - HTG RH REM 700 BDL Long Action Black


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