MagnetoSpeed V1

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MagnetoSpeed  V1

The MagnetoSpeed chronograph attaches directly to the barrel of your gun, so there’s no need for tripods, long wires, and bulky readout boxes. The sensor unit houses two electromagnetic sensors that detect the presence of the bullet, then relays the information to the small display unit. Shot information displayed includes minimum and maximum velocity, average velocity, standard deviation, extreme spread, shot number, and string number. Nonvolatile memory preserves your data from previous sessions. The shooter can delete individual shots or entire strings if desired. Rugged sensor unit has been carefully engineered to stand up to extreme muzzle blast and recoil and still deliver accurate and consistent readings. Can be used on rifles, pistols, and shotguns. V1 kit fits barrels from ½" up to 1" O.D., with clearance for a muzzle brake up to 2½" O.D.

V2 kit fits barrels from ½" up to 2" O.D. to accommodate extra-large bull barrels, with clearance for a muzzle brake up to 3" O.D. The V2 also has a spacer/shim system that allows fine positioning of the sensor unit as close as safely possible to the bullet edge to help ensure maximum accuracy of readings. Comes in a hard plastic case.

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Finally got to try the V1 on my 300 WIN Mag. The readings were easy to get, and setup of the system was great. I did have a problem with the ring holding the strap on the barrel bent and released the unit. Response from manufacturer was very good. and I should be back in business soon. I am going to try less torque on the nut and see if the problem was me. I will have to make sure the unit stays put at less tension on the strap. Sometimes I don't know my own strength:)


I just purchased the Magneto Speed V1 Chronograph from the LRHS and have used it twice for load development. I love the fact that I don’t hold other people up on the line at the range. In turn I spend more time shooting and less time setting up. At this point I love it! and would rate it Excellent !


Received my Magneto speed from LRHS. What a pleasure to set up the system, no tripods or lining up the barrel with the instrument. You just mount the Magneto speed bayonet to the barrel and shoot. The readings where very accurate and consistent, with what I had for my current load. It’s also very nice to be able to archive all the shot strings to the memory card.
Delighted with my purchase


I just purchased mine and have had it to the range 3 times and I am extremely satisfied with it. Several of my friends on the range have expressed an interest when they saw it work. The convenience of setting it up and functioning sets it apart from other Chrono I do and have recommended it to a friend