Long Range Hunting How-To Video

***** 5.0
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Available right here at LongRangeHunting.com, Defensive Edge's own How-To Video for the long range hunter. This video starts from square one and takes the shooter through the steps of developing a long range shooting program for long range hunting.

The video presentation contains instructional time from Defensive Edge owner and National Precision Rifle Champion, Shawn Carlock. It includes long range field practice shooting and footage from our favorite long range hunts.

There are chapters on:

  • Equipment
  • Minute of Angle
  • Trajectory
  • Wind Reading & Compensations
  • Up/Downhill Corrections
  • Drop Charts
  • Shot Logs
  • Ballistic Programs
  • Optics & Scope Use
  • Range Testing
  • Trajectory Validation
  • Field Shooting Practice
  • Long Range Hunting Footage

There are no commercials, no ads and no sales pitches. Just an excellent long range hunting video how-to. No matter the skill level, novice to expert, there is something in this video for you.


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Great video. Shawn covers the details pretty well. It's good to watch this every now and then as a refresher.


I am new to long range hunting so the DVD was very informative.


Great Video, You will learn much from this if new to Long range Hunting. Good coverage of all the items to consider for LRH. Definitely worth the $


Long Range Hunting How To video. You will learn something. The something may make your next hunt successful. Worth the bucks.