Leupold MX-100 Xenon Flashlight Bezel

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The MX Modular Flashlight offers four unique single and multi-mode Bezels with the latest Xenon or True White LEDs. Combine any of the Bezels with a Maintube and Tail Switch to create a flashlight uniquely suited to your illumination needs. From the simple to the complex, the MX modular system delivers the flexible illumination you demand, whether you hunt, fish, camp, hike, or work in any type of public safety profession.


The Xenon lamp in the MX-100 Bezel produces a bright, focused beam with either 85 or 145 lumens of output depending on Maintube selection.

- 85 Lumens of output (with MX-020 Maintube) for a startlingly bright beam.
- 145 Lumens of output (with MX-030 Maintube*) for a startlingly bright beam.
- Single mode, Xenon bulb is the ultimate in performance.
- Precision reflector maximizes brightness while tightly focusing the beam.
- 1.5 Hours of runtime with the MX-020 or MX-030.
- Durable, scratch-resistant sapphire window, made from one of the hardest man-made substances on Earth.
- Part of our totally modular MX system, you can pair the MX-100 with any of our Maintubes and Tail Switch to create your perfect flashlight.
- Incredibly rugged construction to withstand hard use in the field.
- Absolute Waterproof Integrity to four atmospheres. Leupold pioneered the waterproofing technology that's now the industry standard in riflescopes worldwide.
- Accepts 28mm Alumina accessories, allowing you to customize your flashlight's performance to match changing conditions of light and weather.

* Xenon Bulb Replacement Assembly Required – To ensure your MX-100 Xenon Bezel performs properly when assembled with a MX-030 3-Cell Maintube, you will need to purchase separately a 9-volt Xenon Bulb Replacement Assembly to replace the standard 6-volt bulb. No additional parts are needed for the MX-100 Bezel and the MX-020 (2-Cell Maintube) combination.


- Weight 3.2 oz
- Length 2.0"
- Diameter 1.37"
- Mode(s) Lumens – Runtime
- Single Mode 85 / 145 – 1.5 hours


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