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I became a Kenetrek Boots dealer because my own quest for a better boot brought me in contact with happy "Kenetrek Boots Kool-Aid drinkers" along the trails of the western mountain states. It seemed to be a personal mission of many of these satisfied Kenetrek users to spread the word. 

I have never had such a comfortable boot fit right out of the box. I can't wait for this coming hunting season. I had been looking for a new and better boot for personal use for a long, long time. Mission accomplished with Kenetrek! -Len Backus-

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Kenetrek Kool-Aid

I don't know when I've seen so much enthusiastic testimonial activity by the user of a product. Even at the Scheels store in Great Falls, Montana... More 


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Supportive Insoles

CODE: 6056

This is the insole that is now included at no extra cost in the 2013 model of Kenetrek boots. You can get added comfort and wear life by replacing your... More 

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***** 5.0
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Kenetrek Boot Wax

CODE: 6055

If you want to join me in drinking the Kenetrek brand of Kool-Aid you need to get this stuff and be seen waxing your boots next to your truck in Montana.... More 

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**** 4.8
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Kenetrek Hardscrabble LT Hiker Boot

CODE: 6062

I chose this Kenetrek boot for myself. The Meindls they replaced felt like bedroom slippers with no support compared to the Kenetrek boots. -Len Backus-... More 


**** 4.5
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Kenetrek New Safari Boot

CODE: 6057

Very versatile, the Kenetrek Safari boots work great for hiking or hunting. Although they'll be your go-to early season or desert boot, they'll quickly... More 


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Kenetrek Desert Guide Boot

CODE: 6061

The new Kenetrek Desert Guide is made for use in the mountains of the desert Southwest and Mexico. Specially designed to withstand the incredible abuse... More 


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Kenetrek Women's Hardscabble LT Boot

CODE: 6060

This is the boot for women who hunt and hike in rugged country. We at Kenetrek  have been asked repeatedly why we don't offer our hiking boot in... More 


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Kenetrek Women's Mountain Extreme Non-Ins Boot

CODE: 6063

A serious boot for rugged terrain, the new 10 inch Kenetrek Mountain Extreme NI is made with a one piece vamp of 2.8 mm top grain leather on top of stiff... More