Kenetrek Boots

I became a Kenetrek Boots dealer because my own quest for a better boot brought me in contact with happy "Kenetrek Boots Kool-Aid drinkers" along the trails of the western mountain states. It seemed to be a personal mission of many of these satisfied Kenetrek users to spread the word. 

I have never had such a comfortable boot fit right out of the box. I can't wait for this coming hunting season. I had been looking for a new and better boot for personal use for a long, long time. Mission accomplished with Kenetrek! -Len Backus-

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Kenetrek New Safari Boot


Kenetrek Hard Tactical Boot


Kenetrek Desert Guide Boot


Kenetrek Women's Hardscabble LT Boot


Kenetrek Women's Mountain Extreme Non-Ins ...


Kenetrek Women's Mountain Extreme 400 Boot


Kenetrek Boot Wax


Supportive Insoles