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If you want to join me in drinking the Kenetrek brand of Kool-Aid you need to get this stuff and be seen waxing your boots next to your truck in Montana.  That's how I got to know a trio of young, hardcore hunters in Montana last year. They have all been wearing Kenetrek for years  -Len Backus-

The best dressing and waterproofing for all of your Kenetrek Boots or any other brand for that matter. Made with a combination of natural vegetable oils, beeswax, and other "special" ingredients, Kenetrek Boot Wax conditions and waterproofs the leather of your favorite boots. It readily absorbs into any kind of leather, stays in the leather longer than other treatments, and will not harm glued-on rubber rands or boot stitching. Simply apply the wax by hand or with a brush or cloth. Allow some time to absorb, then wipe off the excess. No heat is required. Repeat as needed when discoloration or dry areas are observed in the leather. This wax does not give off unnatural scents to disrupt big game hunting. *This boot wax will darken the leather color as it protects.*


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Works as described, put it on my new boots as soon as i got them. then wiped away the extra wax. i would recommend getting boot brushes etc. It will save you getting the stuff all over your hands, though it does make a great water repellent on your hands. So far water flies off my boots.