Huskemaw Blue Diamond Series 3-12x42 Rifle Scope

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I have been a happy Huskemaw Blue Diamond scope user for many year. Their system is tailored to long range hunters like me. I like their Hunt Smart Reticle which is simple and clean with straight forward wind hold marks. The custom yardage turrets are about as simple as it gets in the heat of the moment. I have one turret made for shooting at home at low elevation in Wisconsin and another for high elevation Western hunting. The glass quality and construction is right up there with the other best long range scopes on the market.

-Andy Backus-

Huskemaw scopes come with a numbered turret for counting clicks (not MOA or MIL). After mounting your scope, you must shoot your gun and collect click data out as far as you can. You will then log into Huskemaw's custom turret ordering program and enter your muzzle velocity, bullet BC, and a few other pieces of information including the click data that you collected. Custom turrets cost $50 each.

There is not a computer ballistics program and chronograph combo in existence that can be trusted to be 100% accurate without validating by shooting and collecting real world data. Huskemaw's program will "True" your ballistic solution to match your click data by massaging the BC number if needed before creating your custom turret. This truing step is the key to a perfectly accurate custom yardage turret.

We do sell an optional MOA turret that we can ship with your scope to use until you order your custom turret(s).


Huskemaw Blue Diamond Series 3-12x42 Rifle Scope
The Huskemaw Optics 3-12 Long Range Scope is the most advanced Ballistic Compensating rifle scope available. With technical advancements like True BC, the Rapid Field Ballistic Compensator and our simple yet powerful Hunt Smart range finding and windage compensating reticle. The 30mm main tube, 42mm objective lens, and side focus parallax correction dial make the 3-12 LR scope an outstanding choice for both varmint hunters and target shooters, but it also includes special features for the big game hunter. Ballistic compensation and parallax adjustments are easily made without breaking shooting position.

A Lifetime of Precision
Our ballistic compensation technology is the first to accurately determine the drag model and ballistic coefficient (BC) for your bullet in your system. The 3-12 is new in the lineup to take advantage of a long range hunting situation, and it is the first and only scope with our patent pending windage compensation technology - anyone shooting at extended to long-range distances in hunting conditions, without windage compensation is just guessing.

Image Quality
Most scope manufactures hype the light transmission lens coatings, and overall image quality to try to differentiate their high end products from their low end offerings.  We designed the optical system and the coating specifications to compete with the best, and with the 3-12, you have a scope that compensates for your systems True BC Profile, not one reticle that's supposed to fit all trajectories.  For each customer, we build a Custom RFBC Turret that precisely compensates for your load's bullet drop and windage.

Technical Innovation
Our rifle scope was designed and built by hunters for hunters. Our philosophy dictated a rugged construction of the highest quality, along with real improvements that double the effective range over any competing product.  It all adds up as the best rifle scope for long range or precision hunting, backed by a Lifetime Guaranty.
  • Windage Compensation Technology
  • True BC Drop Compensation
  • Hunt Smart Reticle
  • 30mm Maintube
  • Fast Focus Eyepiece
  • Zero-Stop
  • Full Lifetime Guarantee

Actual Magnification 3x-12x
Eye Relief (inch) 4 inch
Obj. Lens Diameter 2.0 in (50 mm)
FOV @ 100yds 18.5 ft � 4.9 ft
Length 13.7 in
Objective Diameter 42 mm
Eyepiece Diameter 1.7 in
Tube Diameter 30 mm
Weight 23 oz.
Adjustment per Revolution 1.7 in
Max Ring Spacing 5.7 in
Front Ring Spacing 2.2 in

CLICK HERE to view the Huskemaw Blue Diamond Owner's Manual including images and description of the Hunt Smart Reticle. 

How To Order A Ballistic Turret For Your Huskemaw LR Scope? "True" Ballistic Compensation is the key to precision Long Range Accuracy. Huskemaw uses four basic factors: altitude, velocity, temperature and bullet drop trajectory between point A-B. Each customer is provided with an owners manual that gives detailed instructions on the tools needed for mounting the scope and how to collect the data for the turret with instructions on how to provide this data to the ballistics program on Huskemaw 's website Customers receive their new turret in the mail and simply replace the data turret with their new custom turret.



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I am very pleased with the quality of this scope and the customer service is top notch as well!


Once again great customer service I ordered my last scope on friday and recieved in on monday. Thanks.


Great service I recieved my scope in 3 days. This is my 3rd Huskemaw. Great scope.