Long Range Hunting Instructional DVD's

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How to Dope the Wind - Beyond Belief

CODE: 1249

In long range shooting there are a host of challenges to over come but none so difficult to grasp and master as the ability to read and dope the wind. The information on this DVD will help you become a better shooter and expand your knowledge of marksmanship in general.

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Long Range Hunting How-To Video

CODE: 1276

Defensive Edge's own How-To Video for the long range hunter. This video starts from square one and takes the shooter through the steps of developing a long range shooting program for long range hunting.

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Defensive Edge - LRH Reloading DVD

CODE: 1293

A step by step DVD of how to setup equipment and reload for long range hunting. This will serve the experienced reloader as well as the guy just getting started. There is a complete equipment guide, setting up the equipment, testing, load developement, and a never seen before hunting clip. The DVD starts at square 1 and covers every step we do to make ammunition for extreme range hunting shots. Total run time is over 1 hour.

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DE Video Set (How To and Send It, V1, V2, V3 & V4)

CODE: 1242

Contains all 5 of Shawn Carlock's videos including the HOT OFF THE PRESS Send It, Vol 4.

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How To Shoot Beyond Belief

CODE: 1289

By following the field proven techniques detailed here, you too can learn to shoot "Beyond Belief". Topics Covered: * Maximizing the Factory Rifle * Reloading * Developing Accurate Drop Data * Uphill and Downhill Shooting * Testing Terminal Bullet Performance * Wind Drift * Exterior Ballistics * Minute of Angle * Field Shooting Positions * Optics * Rangefinders * Backpacks and Gear Bags * Hunting Saddle Setup

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Beyond Belief

CODE: 1287

As the first release in our LRSFH series, "Beyond Belief", a 1 hour 20 minute video with 33 kill shots, a compilation of some of the best long-range shots ever shown on "The Best of the West" and others that are literally too far for television. This video is designed to entertain and show what can be done if you are willing to obtain the skills and equipment to shoot long range.

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Send It! - Vol. 1 DVD

CODE: 1240

The first in a series, SEND IT! Vol. 1 is a collection of 12 long range field practice shots out to 1500+ yards and 12 long range hunts for deer, elk, black bear, and caribou. This 2 hour DVD will show you how to practice and use long range skills in the field.

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Send It! - Vol. 2 DVD

CODE: 1280

The second in a series, SEND IT! Vol. 2

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