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How to Dope the Wind - Beyond Belief

CODE: 1249

In long range shooting there are a host of challenges to over come but none so difficult to grasp and master as the ability to read and dope the wind. The information on this DVD will help you become a better shooter and expand your knowledge of marksmanship in general.

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How To Shoot Beyond Belief

CODE: 1289

By following the field proven techniques detailed here, you too can learn to shoot "Beyond Belief". Topics Covered: * Maximizing the Factory Rifle * Reloading * Developing Accurate Drop Data * Uphill and Downhill Shooting * Testing Terminal Bullet Performance * Wind Drift * Exterior Ballistics * Minute of Angle * Field Shooting Positions * Optics * Rangefinders * Backpacks and Gear Bags * Hunting Saddle Setup

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