Long Range Hunting DVD's

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How To Shoot Beyond Belief

CODE: 1289

By following the field proven techniques detailed here, you too can learn to shoot "Beyond Belief". Topics Covered: * Maximizing the Factory Rifle * Reloading * Developing Accurate Drop Data * Uphill and Downhill Shooting * Testing Terminal Bullet Performance * Wind Drift * Exterior Ballistics * Minute of Angle * Field Shooting Positions * Optics * Rangefinders * Backpacks and Gear Bags * Hunting Saddle Setup

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"So, You Want To Be A Predator Caller" - Instructional DVD

CODE: 1291

This is not your typical "bang flop" type calling video. Tony sits down and shares information on the Foundation of being a successful predator caller. Mixed in with the instruction, is plenty of fast action calling footage, featuring his dog Gunner and plenty of calling buddies.

Watch as I stalk up to 35 yards from a bedded coyote, as my brother and I stalk up on 10 coyotes with some of the most unbelievable coyote interaction ever caught on film, Gunner decoy coyotes and flat putting them down on recovery, as well as plenty of hard charging called up coyotes, with some doubles and triples are taken.

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Montana Doggers Coyote Hunting DVD

CODE: 1255

Montana Doggers! Four buddies from Montana, two dogs and their quest to pursue one of America's most resilient predators. Take this combination, throw coyotes in the mix, you have one of the most entertaining and action packed videos you will ever watch. Coyotes are known for there timid and wily behavior. These videos show them at their most aggressive. Very rarely do you ever get a second shot at a coyote or coyotes that aren't running in the opposite direction, but these videos show you the exact opposite.

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