How to Dope the Wind - Beyond Belief

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This "must see" Best Of The West video on doping the wind is great! I just finished watching it. -- Len Backus


In long range shooting there are a host of challenges to over come but none so difficult to grasp and master as the ability to read and dope the wind. The information on this DVD will help you become a better shooter and expand your knowledge of marksmanship in general.

Hosted by Dan Miller, this DVD brings together some of the most knowledgeable shooters from different disciplines. Competitive shooters like David Tubb, Military trainers like Steven Goff and Lance Hopper. We also discuss in detail the systems they use to extend their effective range. Systems like the Mil-dot system, the new Huskemaw system and even the Trijicon system.

Ultimately this DVD will help you to understand the science of wind doping so that you can be a more accurate shot regardless if you’re a hunter, competitive shooter, military or even tactical applications.


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Good basics of reading wind in many situations. A bit too much history and sales pitch. Less of those two items and more on shooting and examples would have been even better, I bought it for a friend that was interested in learning more. We watched it first together. He learned alot, I learned a few things. If you are brand new to shooting in the wind, it will show you how it is done and then move on to more information.


Part history lesson, some information about reading mirages, sales pitch for huskemaw scopes (four figures $)


This is nothing more than a 90 minute infomercial for Huskemaw scopes.

The description says it will "help you to understand the science of wind doping so that you can be a more accurate shot".

The truth is that it touches on briefly and leaves a complicated image of true wind doping for all scopes except for Huskemaw.

It then describes in great detail how their $75 each turrets (range knobs), one for each round/rifle/range combination, will make you a better shooter.

The only thing that this video lacks is Billy Mays selling you a Sham Wow.

I asked for a refund and was told Too bad, read the refund policy statement.