HHA Optimizer Speed Dial Crossbow Sight Mount

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Several of my TAC 15 crossbow customers told me they use this and love it so I decided to sell it in my crossbow store. Using one means also that you can use any scope reticle whether a mildot/holdover type or not -- and at any power setting on a variable power scope. One of them indicated he was able to get the tape to work out to 120 yards.

It attaches to the upper rail and then your scope attaches to it. After sighting in with it, you simply turn the large dial to the correct yardage. This raises or lowers the front edge of the mount, which in turn raises or lowers the front edge of the scope. Pretty ingenious. -- Len Backus


Speed dial that was designed to adapt to any cross bow with a 7/8" rail (TAC 15/15i and Elite/Ordnance have this) allowing you to make quick and accurate adjustments for different yardages. Calibrated yardage scale allows you to make adjustments to the exact yard.

HHA speed dial optimizer crossbow sight



Tired of the clutter of a multi haired scope? Optimizer X Crossbow Scopes feature a SINGLE HAIR and provide the cleanest sight picture on the market today. Optimizer X scopes are ideal for the archer in search of a simple, solid sighting option for their crossbow. Optimizer X scopes will also work great with your air gun, muzzleloader, rifle or shotgun.
  • 3 x 32
  • Compact and Lightweight
    (8.5 Inches, 11 ounces)
  • One Piece 1” Matte Black
  • Aluminum Chassis
  • Illuminated Hybrid L4 Single
    Cross Hair Reticle
  • 1/2” M.O.A. Finger Adjustable Turrets
  • 5 Setting Rheostat Brightness Adjustments In Red And Green
  • Waterproof, Shockproof and Fog Proof
  • Hawke Sport Optics World Wide Warranty


Optimizer X Scopes Manufactured Exclusively For HHA Sports, Inc. by Hawke Optics LLC

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Great product for the PSE tac, and customer service is spot on.
Great job guys!!!!


Money well spent I will never use a Tac-15 or any Crossbow without it... Only one problem had to use a thin piece of lead to shim then front of the scope to zero at 20 yards..